Break Tris 2

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Like Tetris and Breakout? Well then you're going to LOVE the two combined...

Break Tris is back!

The second in the serious includes five different game modes and improved Breakout game mechanics.

This game combines two popular and easy to play puzzle games, Tetris and Breakout, to form the unique and addicting Break Tris!


Move the shape with the Left and Right directional keys, rotate the shape with the Up key and speed the shape's fall rate with the Down key.

Move the paddle with the Left and Right directional keys. Space Bar sets the ball in motion.

'B' switches to the Breakout grid.

'M' toggles the music
'P' pauses the game


Fill up your progress bar on the bottom of the screen by completing lines while playing Tetris, once the progress bar is filled the board will flip over and you will now get to play Breakout with the remaining blocks. Once the timer runs out or you lose Breakout, the board flips back over and Tetris is continued on the next level. You can only lose this mode by filling the Tetris grid to the top.

This mode is similar to Endurance mode. The goal here however is to completely clear the grid when in Breakout mode. The only way to advance a level is to clear the grid in Breakout mode completely. You can lose this mode by either running out of lives in Breakout mode or by filling the Tetris grid to the top. You are rewarded an extra life for every three levels you complete.

In this mode you once again aim to fill the progress bar to level up. However in this mode the transition to Breakout is not automatic and must be triggered by the player by pushing the 'B' key. The player then uses one of their available balls and the Breakout grid is entered. Breakout is played until the player either clears the grid or loses the ball, then the player is returned back to Tetris. The player earns an additional ball every level and can hold up to 3 balls at a time. This mode can only be lost by filling the Tetris grid to the top.

Just like the name of the mode would imply, this mode is only Tetris, no Breakout.

Once again as you probably can tell by the name, this mode is just Breakout, no Tetris.

The game's difficulty progresses as you play through the levels, how high of a score can you get?

If there are any bugs you would like to report or just comments or suggestions send me a message!


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Not too bad, but there is plenty of better Tetris and Breakout games by our days.
If what you like is the funny crossover between Tetris and Breakout, rather check out the one from "free-hard-games", which is way more polished and has a more interresting gameplay.
(if links are allowed : http://www.free-hard-games.com/tetris-breakout)

The problems in this Breaktris are that gameplay is not smooth/handy at all. Tetris is playable but remains quite rough (cant move near walls, etc.), and the breakout itself is a fail :/
The paddle doesn't move fast enough, and bounces are so screwed that you can't play correctly
Also, destroying your tetris construct (and then returning to tetris) is quite counter productive, since a perfect build can be ****** up by the breakout, leading you to... suicide asap when you enter breakout mode.

Entertaining, but many flaws

This has the potential to be a great game, but right now has too many issues that over shadow it's potential. The black lines framing where blocks go are distracting and make the game look amateurish; they should be removed. The Tetris side of things i didn't see many problems, other than the colors should be more vibrant (I know you wanted the background to remain visible, but people will wanna what the game not the pretty background), and the distinction between colors was good. While playing Breakout, a few things stood out. having the blocks all perfectly squared prevented the ball from bouncing in multiple directions, which kept it a little too easy. curving the edges (visually and in your programming) would make some crazy hits, although it would take a lot more work on your part. while you curving things, the paddle needs to be curved (visually and in your programming) to make the ball easier to control. and hey, who doesn't like special powers too, right? (programmers). Overall not bad, especially as you seem to be a new flashsmith.

this is good but.....

as bein a color blind person it was extremely hard to see some of the blocks. however, it was good notheless.

Not bad

I was expecting somthing more complicated, like you had to play breakout and tetris at the same time, with, say, arrow keys to controll tetris, and the mouse for breakout.

Still, it was good, on higher levels the swap could be very fast.


Even godlyer than before!

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2009
3:15 PM EST
Puzzles - Other