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Virtual Computer

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This is probably the biggest project I've ever worked on! This is a virtual reality computer, a computer designed to simulate real-time computers.

Microsoft Paint
Splinter Cell *beta*
Clock Widget
Tank Widget
Jet-pack man widget
Command Prompt
Recycle Bin
My Computer
Windows Media Player
Classic Pong
Street Fighter stick version
Internet Explorer
Real-time time
Notepad - Drawing version
Outlook Express
Printing objects
My recent documents
Control panel (Desktop)
Help and Support
Different wallpaper
Log off
Turn off
Stand by
Password protection (The password is sanjeev98)
Custom cursor
..and Mouse effects

***How to use***
See leaflet in help and support.
Classic Pong
Tank widget
Jet-pack man widget
Splinter cell beta
Street fighter stick version

Note: Click once on start to bring up start menu, again to close start menu.

Hope you like it, ''cos I've put 6 months of effort in this!

~ Gimmick


Nice but

Could some of this be copyrighted? Plus none of the games or stuff stayed in there window meaning I could paint on all the stuff.

Gimmick responds:

Oh, yeah. my credits to matty2-and-a-half for the PONG.

eh it was aight

I agree with everyone else I mean it's an awesome concept, but you really need to spend a little more time on it.

Cool idea

This is an excellent idea, and very original, but i think it still needs way more work. How about taking time to get rid of some of the mediocre applications, and focus on perfecting the ones that could really be fun. If you can do that, I would love to play it, and hopefully give it a 10.

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Great Idea

It's a really good idea i just think it could have been better. For 6 months work this is good but if you spent even longer on it then i think the final product would be immense.

Good work and great ideas. Keep it up.

Well done!

Still, all of the games have to have some kind of objective, or else they are pointless to include. example: the CPU player in pong doesn't move. Also, movable objects can go right off the screen. Just do these simple things, and this will be on the road to fame. Lem0nhead out.

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2.06 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2009
8:48 AM EST
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