improved shoot em up

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as you could see this has had some improvements from my last entry of this game

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Needs much more work.

The idea is good, but try adding some music, sound effects, background, and please change the title. You might also try adding a single player mode, with multiple levels, as I don't think anybody will invite his friend over to just play this game. It has potential, you can do it a lot better. Good luck.

Needs Improvement

Improvments Needed
-You need to make P2 shoot and move more often.
-Make the wasd keys work.
-Perhaps make the mouse shoot those little bullets P2 can shoot.
-Give the Characters more detail.
-I would make it a sidescrolling shooter, with top-down view.

After even a few of those changes, the game would be a lot better.


The game was simple and lacked in just about every department.

First of all it was multiplayer. If you're going to submit a game like this either make it online multiplayer, which would be a lot more work, or code up some AI so that you can play single player. Hardly anyone comes on NG with their best friend by their side looking for a game to play together.

Secondly, if they did I'm sure they'd be very disappointed with this. It was simply moving up and down and pressing a key to fire either a bullet or a rocket. Nothing fun about it. As well as the fact that bullets moved with the character which sort of defeated the whole object of the game. Attach the bullets and rockets dynamically rather than animating their movement. That way you can make it so they don't move with the character, and you can fire more than one at a time.

On top of all this, the graphics needed a lot of work, obviously as at the moment they were just simple shapes with no shading or anything. Work on an AI system and some graphics and you might have an alright game ;)

Good Luck.


p2 doesn't even move or shoot, making this way too easy and boring.

i was thinking why 2p didnt move.

i dont want do same text here, so look it in ur first one :D

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2.07 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2009
7:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun