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Eivee Chord Finder v0.8

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Hey, this is my second submission, and the first thing I've done in a long time.
The concept behind this is to help beginner guitar players learn chords.
How it works, you have a fretboard, using your mouse you select the the finger positions on the strings that are played in a chord, and then hit Search Chord, then if the chord exists you will be told the name of it.
The chords go from left to right 0 = open 18 = 18th fret.
Currently it only knows normal Major and Minor chords. 7ths, #, 9ths...etc are to come. Future versions will also include a chord lookup, where you choose a chord and it tells you the finger positions, along with learning scales.


Yeah, right...

I'm so glad that you were thinking before you replied to him. If you can afford a computer, and internet, then I don't think you would have a problem affording a simple beginners chord book. PS: It would actually be a lot faster if someone were to look up the chord in a chord book...this is slow as balls!


it takes FOREVER to search a chord on here

that's why they make books

that is the reason that they make chord books, so you don't have to go wasting time online finding crap like that!

teenagegluesniffer responds:

I'm so glad you were thinking before you reviewed this.
Not everyone can afford books, and after knowing where this is, it would be faster to go to this than to search through a book.

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Jan 31, 2009
2:10 AM EST
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