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Edit: Wow daily 2nd! Awesome! :)

The frst part of the Mega Zelby series recreated! This is my remake of Mega Zelby episode 1 which was created about 3 years ago. For those who may have been following the series Im sorry It took so long for me to make another flash but I do plan to recreate all the old parts and then finally continue with this series.

*Changes Made*

Slight story changes from the old one, it's now an actual RPG, this series will no longer include mario since his story didn't chain in AT ALL!

*Q and A*

Q: Why did it take you so long to make another flash?

A: Cause I'm lazy. I lost interest in flash and it wasn't untill recently that interest was regained

Q: Why would you take out Mario?! I hate you!

A: Cause like I said his story didn't chain in with the other 3 characters (Link, Kirby, and MegaMan)

Q: what game is this battle system based on?

A: Super mario RPG. Awesome game I suggest you play it.

Q: why would you put team attack if it doesn't work?

A: it's just a preview of whats to come

Q: How long will it take before you make the next part?

A: Not sure. My computers been acting EXTREMELY slow and I'll probably need to get a new one beore I make more flash

Q: These battles are too hard!

A: No, I made them quiite easy. Make sure you defend charged attacks and make sure to use your items and specials effectively.

Enough questions! Watch and Enjoy!



I like the mz rpg searies, i`m waiting for the remake of the old mz rpg 4, or maybe for the old mz rpg 5

Great rpg

this is mabey my 5th time laying and it's stll fun that never happens to me good work!


gamemax when will u make number 3 im tired of wating

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Game-Max responds:

I just recently submited it. Go check it out!

Difficulty FTW

i leik it! its nice! awesome memories :3

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Game-Max responds:

glad you enjoyed this. thanks for the review! :)


Bravo man, I just found out about you by accident, not that it's a bad thing. I agree with mario being put out of the story line(there would be too many plot holes), I just watched your old Mega Zelby series, and noticed you came to an end of ideas for meta knight to deal with the mario rpg world.
Your Tribute to Mario RPG is great (replayed the game on the wii, it cost some wii points...was worth it!).
You're like the little gem of newgrounds, I'am pretty sure by your third movie/game, newgrounds would be all over it right away.

-ahem- sorry about the rant
(10/10) for graphics (sweet job on making your own link)
(10/10) for music
(10/10) for performence (Battle engine from Mario RPG!!! Sweet!)
(6/10) for Preloader (seems too basic for something this good)
~Good job Game-Max

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Game-Max responds:

yeah I've pretty much steered away from my original storyline on the old mega zelby. looking back on it now it didn't make very much sense..... at all. When I first made that series though I was kinda just making it up as I went along where as now I actually have a storyline planned out.

thanks for the review man glad you enjoyed this! :)

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Jan 30, 2009
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