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Run Run Fury

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It's a cop killing festival, run like a madman and shoot as many cops as you can before they take you down!

Gain achievements the more you play the game and the better you do.

How far can you get before your brain is splattered on the road?


Really hope you guys enjoy my new game! I had lots of fun with this one!

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this game is awesome!

It's ok

for a game with a mouse u need to set movement to the wasd keys to make the player comfortable overall it was ok could've been better

twas ok

4 things I hated about this:

1. You cant use wasd to move
2. Its too repetitive
3. red circle with the cross through it and everything it stood for
4. The way all the explosions looked exactly the same

3 things I liked about this:

1. The easy-to-get achievements
2. The use of a stickman
3. The way the road looked
4. The hints and tips that appeared as the game loaded

Now that's what I call a '5 minute waster'

I do enjoy the game pretty much for the game play of shooting cars, avoiding split second crash or pass barracades and the fact that you are getting aimed at by rockets for some apparent reason. It's total randomness in one way but good gaming in another.

Now, looking at those other reviews I don't think they should count since they are like insulting and whatever but I do admit it can get kind of boring in time. My suggestion is that when you make another game based on this or part two, add some more variety of weapons, vehicles like bandit cars, stuff lke that. Could give that extra point into becoming a great flash game of Newgrounds when you get the right quality of gaming.

Now for my 20 second score count starting now:
And a thubs up.


this game just sucked. I must have played a hundred games just like this, but all of them had substantially better graphics and way more variety with more interesting enemies. I wish people would make new original games instead of taking old concepts and putting a slight twist on them.