The Tower: Heart in Glass

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The Tower is a defence game. You stack up defensive blocks and use spells to protect your main heart block.

I suggest normal difficulty first, if you find that too hard after a few goes trying out different strategies maybe drop back to easy.

Rich mode is just for mucking around at the start to build a tower however you want. Only play this after you've played the game properly.

General Tips -

- Flying won't attack your heart if it's not in line with them, but will pose a threat if you build high. So be careful.
- Cannons work better the higher they are. There range & accuracy is based on there height as you will see.
- Try to use a bit of everything, don't stick to just defensive, or just offensive.

You could call this game a "Tower Defence" but it really isn't at the same time :P a little twist on the genre in a way you'll see :)


dude,this was epic

great.I just dont know anything else to say. This was epic.


I got murdered on level 38...I had one enemy,one hit left,one health point and BANG!As soon as i killed him,TOO LATE im dead lol GAME OVER oh well other than that,excellent game!I applaude your flash skillz!

Nicely done!

My man, this is a cool twist to a tower defence game. I didn't get too far yet to make a complete review, even at easy mode the game is quite difficult. But it seems doable, and is surely a challenge.

A bit more tutorial would be very nice too. In the beginning, I missed the spells and how to buy it. You're too focused attacking those enemies to realize you just have to hover over one of the spells to see the price and buy it.

I agree with TT : I really missed the reset button. That costs you half a point, but since we round off, it's still 10.

strategy tip
Be sure to place your cannons high enough (watch out for air units) and in the center of the tower. This avoids them getting destroyed immediately when it really starts to matter.


oh yeah
but y can't i sell the boxes or delete it or anythin?
anyway awesome game!!!!

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Totally beat it! Loved every second of it! The only things I can say in a critical manner is that there needs to be different weapons. The only ones I used were the sword, the eye, and the rock.

Keep making them, I'll keep playing them.

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4.05 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2009
5:42 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery