The Tower: Heart in Glass

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The Tower is a defence game. You stack up defensive blocks and use spells to protect your main heart block.

I suggest normal difficulty first, if you find that too hard after a few goes trying out different strategies maybe drop back to easy.

Rich mode is just for mucking around at the start to build a tower however you want. Only play this after you've played the game properly.

General Tips -

- Flying won't attack your heart if it's not in line with them, but will pose a threat if you build high. So be careful.
- Cannons work better the higher they are. There range & accuracy is based on there height as you will see.
- Try to use a bit of everything, don't stick to just defensive, or just offensive.

You could call this game a "Tower Defence" but it really isn't at the same time :P a little twist on the genre in a way you'll see :)


Bad Bug

OK sandbox and Easy mode got the bug with the next wave thing happening try to fix it or something. BUt all in all Great game.


CONIO BIG ASS GLITCH IN SANDBOX MODE! It kept going back the the next wave and then the buy menu then the next wave. But I wont knock you down for it, Im sure you tried your hardest.

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Great Game

Excellent all around except for the sandbox mode with i think that you should actually make it unlimited money.

lvl 40

i agree with venix blast about the boringness and the no char for yourself. but overall this is a great game i kinda didn't aprove of the mana system or exp for the sword but ill give this a 9/10 becuase you lost one star on boringness and the no char everything else was good. last boss mighta been alittle to easy but o well i beat it

I win!

Took me a few hours.
The tower's more than a game; it's grrrrrreat!
(Don't sue my ass, Tony!)
Anyway good job.
It would be a good game for medals.

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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2009
5:42 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery