Sharkbabe Shape Shifter

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This is my first sexy Flash game ^^

Based on the game Jooleem, the objective of this game is click on four flowers of the same kind making rectangles or squares.
More shapes you make, more my sexy chara Sharkbabe strips!
Be fast, you have 5 minutes to see her naked!

Sharkbabe is a mine character, and cannot to be used without permission.
Music from Donkey Kong Country 2 - Bramble Blast

P.S.: I made this game for Furry fans, but everybody can enjoy the game!


You know? i think there should be more sharkbabe games

How do you turn on the music???

NOTE: Specify that only the 4 corner flowers have to be the same type and that you can have any number of flowers in between the four corners (IE a 3x2 rectangle can have roses on the corners but a sun flower and a daisy in the middle area)


Otherwise a maddeningly challenging game. I get so close to taking off those panties but just miss it by a few each time. If you do change it to score, try to make it similarly difficult and adding an animation where she can get her brains fucked out of her with those taunting panties dangling around her ankle. Would make it very satisfying to finally beat.

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why is it that i get like 3 squares then i can't make anymore matches and have to reset?.....btw this would be better if it were more like the bejeweled type

too hard

50 is a bit hard to get too... I know this is cheating but could somone post an image of her actually naked in the art section please :/

that or could you possibly make a revision of this one that runs on the score based strip engine that you've used for your most recent one?

... I'm obsessed

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sharkragon responds:

I'm trying some other ideas, but a new Shape Shiftin' with Sharbabe is a interesting idea :)

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2.26 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2009
5:44 PM EST
Skill - Other