Sketchy Friends Dance

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*edit* WEEKLY SIXTH!! No trophy, but it still feels special! :D

*edit* FWONT PWAGE!! This is great! I'm glad you guys liked it! :D

*edit* DAILY SCHECOND!! Thanks everyone! :D

Brace yourself Newgrounds...

I've pooped out a steaming nugget of fresh animation and it runs for a whopping, wait for it, 45 seconds.

I've always been one of those guys who would draw in class all the time, and now it's kind of starting to get out of control. I'm doing it when I go out for dinner, when I'm watching a band, in meetings at work, on the train, when I wake up with an idea in the middle of the night, while riding my bike... well not then but you get the idea.

So I've been drawing all these crazy characters for a while and decided I wanted to see what they'd look like moving around. I didn't want to spend time developing a story or personality for them, so I found a music track with lots of bloopey bleepey sounds and animated them as though they were dancing around and making the sounds with the music, which is National Zombie Attack by Tarteviant.

I believe this is the best animation I've done to date, and at 30 fps (1370 frames) it came to four weeks of hard work to make it, and I might use some of these characters again in a story in the future now that they've developed their own little personalities. Oh yeah, it'll continuously loop back to the start each time the music finishes, so don't sit there all day thinking something new is about to happen...

thrust your pelvis around the room dancing, chuck us a review, and if you like it please submit it to the music video collection.



Jesus is it just me?

You animate so weird, like in a trippy weird messed up way with your character design and all. But for some reason it isn't nooby in any way but actually quite intresting and strange. When I watch your work I feel like im always in a really trippy dream where things that are impossible happen. Your work is so intresting. Good job, lol, I watched it for 5 minutes before I realised it looped -.-

TheBoogley responds:

"When I watch your work I feel like im always in a really trippy dream where things that are impossible happen." that's the best thing anyone has ever said about my work. If I ever have a dvd this will be the quote on the back! :D

Simple yet effective.

That wath tho awthum that I pooped in my panth a liddle :o
No but seriously, I enjoyed it alot, props.

TheBoogley responds:

shanks vewy mwuch fwor teh pwops!

somewhat creepy

THIS is definitely your best animation, like you said. Very smooth and not so wobbly like your usual toons. That rooster bird thing at the top gave me the creeps for some reason. Very clever, excellent work!

TheBoogley responds:

He gave you the creeps because... he is your FATHER! :O

You know what really grinds my gears?

When you're at a nice restaurant and little baby-son-of-a-bitch is screaming his head off! Parents need to control their kids!

So how are you doing? I'm just sitting here watching some flashes and I dunno, the whole "Circus from Hell" style you got goin' on is all well and good but, where is the cheesecake? Honestly you call yourself an animator!

TheBoogley responds:

mmm cheesecakes made from baby-son-of-a-bitch fat.

Interesting :D

I really like your style. It had really interesting movements and stuff :D

TheBoogley responds:

I liked the stuff aswell... stuff is the best! :D

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Jan 29, 2009
4:57 PM EST
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