Interactive Drum Kit

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"Interactive Drum Kit"

I had this idea for a while but it wasn't until now that it came to fruition. This is an interactive drum kit where you can make beats & solos and play whatever you desire. I may update/make a sequel to this depending on how this submission goes.


Sounds from free-loops.com





Frenzy responds:


Not Bad

I think this needs colour and better drawings.
Overall I can't say its great, but its worth playing.

Frenzy responds:


Needs a little 'oompf'

It's not a bad little piece and you're certainly getting close to cutting edge with the whole "interactive" outlook on the projects that you've producing, but I think that what people need is some way of recording little pieces and putting it all together, so that they can see if they would be any good at this sort of thing.

It's a basic drum kit setup, but it could use extra drums - more research is required, plus some better drawing. Perhaps they could use a splash of colour, just to get it all to look so much better? The other way you can take this of course is to make a Rock Band style mini game, where you click the drums in the right order to play a quick tune. You're pretty good when it comes to interactive stuff, so why not give that a go?

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Frenzy responds:

Wow, good idea, if I can figure out how to do it properly.

~ Z


but a little broken, I like that your idea is a cheap alternative to drums, but maybe have a better sound for the snare, decorate the drums a little more and make it a keyboard activated drum, and it will be perfect. it is definately better then most drum kits i have seen in flash. keep up the good work!

Frenzy responds:


~ Z

Constructive Review

I enjoyed playing around with this, and I'll say first that it has potential, but it was a bit limited and simplistic in some areas .
Your drawings were fairly good, but I would try adding some color and making the mounted toms and hi hat/cymbal stands a bit more 3D.
As far as audio goes, everything was spot on. The sounds were crisp, clean and very responsive when clicked. It may seem kind of boring to some, but maybe add a metronome option the player can turn on/off to use while playing. Also, having an array of guitar/bass riffs from all different types of music to play along with would make this game more fun and take it to a whole new level, IMO.
The one major flaw this has is the fact you play with the mouse. This makes it impossible to keep an interesting beat! Using the keyboard would allow use of the hi hat/ride cymbal with the bass snare and tom drums simultaneously as one would when playing on a real drum kit.
Overall, I'd say that you have a good start. I really do see some good potential here. Please take some of my ideas/criticisms into consideration and keep working on this, I would love to see another version!

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Frenzy responds:

Wow, a metronome is a great idea. I would definately make the keyboard activate the drums if I knew how! Thanks for the great review!

~ Z

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Jan 29, 2009
3:44 PM EST
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