Mighty Tower

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Ok so I was in Sound For Games lesson the other day an it were shit. So I opened Flash an threw together this little Meat Boy-lookin platformer. It was just a square that could wall-jump. Then I made the camera follow the guy up an I thought OH, WELL NOW THIS KIND OF LOOKS MORE LIKE GRAVITY HOOK.
So I basically took the Meat Boy wall-jumping platformer and the Gravity Hook infinite-loop and smashed them together to make a new skill game. I called it Mighty Tower.

It saves your score.

I guess this is redemption for anyone who got annoyed over Duck Sim.
Actually no- It's not.



It's cool. But it could use some extended gameplay to really make it more worthwhile.

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got to 142m then i stopped

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needs more

and i think it went to fast to quick and the comment 4 under me can u flaga comment for stupidity?

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Love it! Very simple but awesome! :D

Although it would be better with random tower generator or something.. But it's good! 8/10

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Wo ah.

The game is quite fun. Its fast and takes great reflexes also. But its a lil bit too hard like a person below stated. Its a little bit frustrating too, but most games ARE frustrating on some extent. Overall the game is cool but make it easier or add even more twists (helpful ones like maybe powerups) and it would be perfect.

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3.64 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2009
1:36 PM EST
Skill - Other