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It's this small because it is sized to fit in my signature of XGenStudio's Forums.
Please READ THE "HOW-TO" before playing.
I also recommend having a look at the "game options" menu before playing.
Check out the different game modes including CPU vs CPU for a nice battle simulation.
It is being submitted SO IT CAN BE TESTED. I am not getting enough feedback and NG has a large base of users of all ages which are unbais towards me (hopefully) and can find bugs faster.

Everything by me, programming, art, everything.

Oh man it's been years since I was last on NG...



Joshua was here. Making multiple accounts.


1. Make a reset button. Resetting will remember the game settings but will restart. Don't make your users reload the page.
2. Avoid scrolling in the help menu. Make it wider (it can overlap the other elements to its left) if needed. Split into multiple pages where that is insufficient.
3. Scrap "Edit teams."
4. The computer seems to find it much easier to send swarms of enemies at once.
5. Having control is too powerful. At the highest difficulty level I can accept it if it's near impossible to recover after losing control and difficult to get it in the first place. At the lowest I should get 2 caps per gen instead of 1 even if I have no control at all.
6. Change CPUvs Player and visa vs. to just indicate what type of unit the player controls and have it come from the left either way. Controlling the right side can be an option in the menu but it is annoying.
7. Clicking a moving defender twice stops it from moving. Creating a wall of tanks is feasible...

Over-Kill responds:

All very good points, I will have a lot to do now. Much appreciated!

It's fun, but...

there weren't any sound affects and I found a huge glitch in the combat portion. A medic killed my tank! WTF?!

Over-Kill responds:

No sounds so the file size would stay fairly small, as I am using it on a forum as a signature.
A Medic...kill a tank... oh damn, I'll have to look into fixing that. Can't have that happen.

Nice game

It was pretty fun. One thing I noticed in the beginning was that when you move from one page to the next in the game guide, it stays at the same place you were at e.g. when you reach bottom of one page and click right arrow, you are still at the bottom of the new page. It's a minor detail but it can get kind of annoying.

Over-Kill responds:

Thanks I'll add it to the list.

Blue Team bug

Just a small hiccup, it doesn't say prankster when you mouse over the blue team's prankster icon, it says medic instead.

Over-Kill responds:

It displays correctly for me. Odd.

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3.33 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2009
5:51 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)