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I spent a lot of time on this game, hope you all like it.
I is a rythm game, with a zelda theme.

There are many songs, with different difficulties, and you can even customize the arrows.

Good luck and vote fair.

PS: i figured out what went wrong, and it will be fixed until january 31

songs fixed so far - song of storms, bolero of fire, saria song



I Loooooooove Zelda OOT, and it was about time someone decided to make a rithm game themed on zelda (sorry if there is already one) but i really think it can improve a little --Dont get me wrong, the game and the idea are great--. ;), i suggest you try to make the keys more synchronized with the song.
Anyway just Keep on the good work!

P.S: by the way its Sheik, not Shake

luksfarris responds:

thank you ... i will make a new one... the arrows aren't synchronyzed because i made the flash at 40 fps. And it only works on 24. Sorry.

The next one will be "flawless"


Its a good game with good concepts buttttt
- there a 4 open songs at the begining? this was odd to me and there for i skiped to song of storms

-easy then uber hard on fairy song? i had also found this odd as there was 1 note to 4 notes

-very few selections i beat the game in a few miniutes due to lack of songs

but its an awesome game and the notes are a little off (BOUGHT AN OCARINA AND CAN PLAY MOST OF THESE SONGS w00t)

luksfarris responds:

i want an ocarina too !!

Pretty Good

This was pretty good. Like others said, it was a little off but i still like it. I look foward to seeing more work from you.

luksfarris responds:

i am fixing that


Good concept, nice songs (there are better versions in the audio portal) but I found a few errors that I think you should be aware of to help you improve as a artist.

1- the timing for the notes is very far off, almost to the point your guessing. after the first 3 or 4 seconds of the song they go off without the song. this is also noticable because all songs end early no matter which you play. a slight timing tweak should fix this.

2- when you say hard you "mean" hard don't you??? :P the fairy song on very hard is litterally impossible to beat. which is strange cause I expected saria's song or another song to take that spot. not the fairy song

3- Audio choices... Make sure you scan the audio portal a few times before picking songs, this could prevent errors like 1 or 2 and add some unique qualities to the game, if you wish I can provide you with a few tracks that are of very high quality to replace those listed.

4- controls. The title screen was funny, felt like a Snes game screen, but when I went to options it changed. try to keep the controls nice and linear, it wasn't to annoying but it was an bothersome.

5- Graphics. You did pretty good on this, not much to say except the flawless point is slightly lower then it should be.

Comments: I'm also an aspring artist but I mostly do animation right now, the scripting isn't coming to me as fast as lua did, maybe because lua was a game itself and made working fun :P if I ever learn enough to make ddr/gh games I'll make one myself, but right now I'm on a platformer.

Have a great day btw todays my B-day :D

luksfarris responds:

that was a nice review. Thanks for the good critics.. you should check out my website.. i am writing tutorials on flash... someday i will write a rythm game tutorial =]

happy b-day by the way !

Cool idea and solid game

just needs some adjustments. Like many people have said the arrows don't match the songs exactly. The hit detection was also a little off for me, Flawless was a little bit before the arrows were aligned rather than when they were perfectly aligned. Also on Saria's song whenever there were two of the same arrow on the screen, both would disappear after i pressed it.

You should also make more uniform difficulties. Where easy medium and hard are similar on all the songs. Now some songs are really simple even on hard and others like the last two are really hard on their max difficulties.

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luksfarris responds:

thanks for writing... and sorry for the problems.. i won't make those mistakes next time =]

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2009
5:49 PM EST