Castlevania: Stairs?

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Remember after you beat the mummies simon falls down a long well, only to land gently at the bottom? But in other levels he falls 2 feet and dies? This is what should happen.

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nice as a castlevaina fan take my stars!

Again, this was still the time Randy Solem was getting started. I am not that familiar with the game. I didn't know he fell down that high. Well, parodies always exaggerate anyway. I still don't like the tiny screen. It gets better of course.

I feel bad Randy didn't live to see modern video game stuff. The sprite work here is quite authentic. It doesn't seem that hard to replicate of course. It's nice to hear that music. I'm at least familiar with that.

Simon Belmont would not go out like that. Good work anyway.

Ow, that had to hurt.


That was quite a fall! Too bad Simon met an untimely end. It was pretty funny, though. The sprite animation was also decent. The ending was also unexpected, but humorous!