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Christopher Gregorio (Xdragonx10)


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Great idea!

Multi-tasking is very original.

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Great idea and nice execution

This was a pretty unique idea. I really enjoyed the multitasking. The music fit pretty well. That's all. Also, first place, for now anyway. 2649 or so.

like it

I don't think I've seen any other games like this out there, nice work. Gameplay was very smooth and a good choice in music.
After a while it does get repetitive but hey, a lot of games are and I enjoyed it for what it is. Great job.

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Great Game

A charming simple multitasker with its own originality and flair. I enjoyed it quite a lot :) 10/10.

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xdragonx10 responds:


hey!!! good attempt

i say good attempt because i see where the idea would've immersed from.
but didn't quite play as fast, sorta like 30 fps compared to 40. I wish it was more fast paced. I also believe that letting the cursor slide to the _xmouse and the _ymouse sorta added on to this dilemma. and the minor glitches like, the Mouse.Show was never used for returning to the main menu, and when i went to look at the instruction(after playing and dieing) my mouse was nowhere to be seen as well as the custom cursor u created. the music also was never stoped at the return to the menu. all being minor easy thing to fix(i'm guessing)
generally not my type of game, as i would expect the space invaders theme would be old now(only example that came to my thoughts).
also a idea, not that you need to take any of this advice, but perhaps having the cannon or turret being on the same field would make the multi-tasking more enjoyable. a decent game that i expect is more of a demo. but if you could take this and give it a story, and more fast paced action, a moving background(perhaps a space theme)and you got yourself a great game!!!

xdragonx10 responds:

Ahh, thanks for that bug, I didn't anticipate you going to the instructions after playing the game.

Not every game needs to be an extremely fast paced shooter (although my next game will be), as you can see there are many people here who've enjoyed this multitasking challenge.

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3.71 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2009
8:04 PM EST
Skill - Avoid