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Boof- Periodical Draw

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Author Comments

This is a fbf drawing of a series in an upcoming series I am making. A Taste. Character was made by me in Ms Paint Brawl Forums. Thanks to McJesus for inspiring me to draw, or try to draw as good as him!
: Re-Submit, Edited.

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oh hi


That was interesting

This was neat and i think i seen something like it before, the drawing is well animated and is at the right tempo, more shades of color could be used though

More shades and little nifty details would be nice

A good idea of drawing


McZero responds:


A lot to improve on.

Animation/Graphics - The drawing wasn't the best. I think if I were to submit something like this that I would try making something extremely good. The picture that you drew ended up looking just like something that most people could draw in a very short amount of time like you did here. I know this is a commonly used phrase, but practice does make perfect.

Story/Content - Well a pretty good idea, but I think you could have made it much better. I think you could have done something like draw a background or some other things with him too to add to the flash submission a little bit. Perhaps do something like adding animation to it. Like you could draw the characters a little bit smaller and draw the character you did off to the one side of the screen. Have him actually animated a little bit like move his arm up and down and blink, etc... Then draw a bad guy off to the right of the screen. Have them react to each other in some way and then you could draw a weapon that drops down to the character so they could get the bad guy.

I'm not recommending doing that itself, but I'm just trying to give examples of how to add to the content of the flash.

Audio - I liked the audio that you chose, but I think it would of sounded really good if you had a marker, pencil, pen, or chalk sound effect when the character was being drawn. That would mean you would need some good ambient music that stayed in the background so you could always hear the drawing sounds.

Overall - A decent idea, but it wasn't really presented that well.

~ Review Request Club ~

McZero responds:

Ok thanks.

Cool Idea

I actually thought it was pretty cool. It lacked substance but I enjoyed it. The drawing was pretty good and I liked the background music. I would suggest adding more to this though, like a menu or some extras or something. Overall, a cool Flash, but it was lacking in subject matter.

~ Z

McZero responds:

Okay, thanks.


next time draw something a little more challenging

McZero responds:

Im sure you are a flash master, correct?