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Chinua Achebe's: Vultures

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EDIT: Removed scream by popular demand.

This is my English GCSE school poetry presentation.
it's a reading of the poem "Vultures" by Chinua Achebe.
Please vote on this as an artistic piece.
The reason it comes in a powerpoint like format is because of its presentational purposes.
This is an aid to the poem not the other way round.

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Ooh. Good poem.

I agree about the scream, it takes away from the gravity of Achebe's message. I never read this poem, but I like way he deepens the vulture metaphor. It's terribly sad as well. The rest was done quite well. Actually, by the end I forgot I was watching a flash because I was so into the reading, but for the beginning when I was paying attention, I thought the visual aids were very effective.

TutorialPoo responds:

There scream removed. It's a verily well crafted and deep poem this and I also like the vulture metaphor. Glad you enjoyed it.


It was nicely animated and it had a nice content, however the screaming in the end freaked me out. overall it is a very nicely done animation

TutorialPoo responds:

Note to self remove end by popular demand.


a cool vid to go with the poem. However, I thought that the part at the end was a bit silly- the cheap sounding scream etc. It somewhat diminished the solemness that you built up.

Also, there were parts where the screen was plain black for like 6 odd seconds- it'd be good if you could try to fill them up a bit more with animation.

TutorialPoo responds:

I need to get rid of that scream.
As for the black bits I was on a deadline so I had to finish quick so I didn't get to fill it as much as i would've liked.


Nice work man I love Chinua Achebe's work I read his book when things fall apart and it was good. But nice artwork on the flash and good animation. Only thing was the scream at the end freaked me out but I'm glad you didn't put a gruesome picture of linda blair from the exorcist.

TutorialPoo responds:

Lol, sorry about that, the idea was to make the whole class jump.
I quite like this poem but sometimes seems a bit confusing for me

Very good

I really enjoyed that. The narration was very easy to listen to and soothing - a good voice for it. The silhouettes featuring the vultures were great and I enjoyed their addition to the loading screen. The shot of the skulls was also fantastic.

Overall it was great, but I'm not sold on the Psycho-esque ending. It seemed a little cheesey, to be honest, and not as serious as the rest of the piece.

TutorialPoo responds:

The voice is actually Achebe himself.
Sorry about the ending.
The silouettes actually took me the longest.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2009
12:02 PM EST

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