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*first id like to thank diminitive for her AWESOME music.

*second id like you all to leave an honest review, even if you dont like the game please tell me why, i realy want to make better games and you guys can help me by telling me what you think.

*third id like you to have fun playing it, and remember to rate/review

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Very interesting

A very fun game for puzzle fans. One small problem that seems to reoccur is the spinning being bad for your sight. I didn't play for very long, noticing this, but I still had a small feeling of my screen spinning even after leaving the game. And I only went to level 4.

You could fix the spinning problem, by having an option to only spin to the side you are playing from. Have it be an easier difficulty or something. Then you could also add a harder difficulty where there is zooming involved or something.

One other thing that you could fix is the placement of blocks when you clear some of them. In traditional tetris the blocks drop into position after clearing the line(s). However, since simply dropping them might send them off the screen, thus resulting in game over, I suggest you have them move one square "inward" diagonally.In a grid of 3x6, if you have a block at 1,1 and another at 2,6 when you cleared a line, the block at 1,1 would move to 2,2 then to 3,3 where it would settle on the base while the block at 2,6 would move directly to 3,5 and sit there, again having hit the base. This diagonal movement would ensure that the blocks always moved toward the center and would add more strategic thinking to how you position the blocks.

Other than that (and possibly some music selections) I think this was a great game idea and was executed well. I hope to find Quatris2 (squared?) soon.

NPGames responds:

thanks alot for the review, i like the zoominb idea. and if you are getting dizzy, try snap mode, it helps alot. and i think the blocks staying where they are makes mor of a challenge, because if they all fell toward the center, they would eventualy score for you, instead of figuring out what to do with the leftovrs. and yes i will be making a quatris 2 sometime in the distant future.


Wow. Well done. It has been awhile since I've seen a truly original idea, and this is it. A larger musical score may have been nice. Love the way the music blends into the style of the game as well. Kudos to you, you have reintroduced originality into my life.

NPGames responds:

thx for the review, its the kind i was hoping 4

everything is spinning

it's a good idea and all, but I've got quite a headache now... (I shouldn't have played this long I guess).

God, it's like five minutes ago I gameoverd and my head is still spinning. I think I'm going to vomit over my brother laptop now ^^.

NPGames responds:

there is very small print in the game warning you of such an event ;)


hehehe, nice concept. Maybe a tutorial would be nice.
I also think you could make that if you keep pressed the arrow key, the shapes continue moving

NPGames responds:

i tryed it where you keep them pressed, but i couldnt pick a good speed, and the help section lays out most of the info, thx for rev


Dear christ, that is crazily disorienting. Love the concept, but damn is it easy to lose your bearings. Maybe if there was a version that rotated the side you're using to the top or something I'd have a higher opinion. But then again, the spinning may just be your form of making it difficult.

NPGames responds:

<wisper> snap mode </wisper>

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4.01 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2009
11:33 PM EST
Puzzles - Falling