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Hai dere.

I'm working on my first game; this is the stuff I've made so far. I've been trying to make it really nice, because I know how annoying the "first-timer" games usually are. All code/animation was by me, yay.

Anyways, please tell me what you think I should add, before I start working on the main game. :D

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Nice for first

I know how frustrating it can be making a first game so here are some tips.
Always have music and sound. You can upload music like a regular file in flash, then add it to your library which you then drag it from the library and on to the time line. Sound comes the same way, add it in your movie clips.

Always make a goal, regular jumping around gets boring very fast . Make a small story of have you guy looking for something. It could be a a funny story, the people just want a story of some sort.

Make tokens(coins), they make the player aim for something and keeps them interested. And if you know how to make a shop, go for it, it adds another goal for the player. And goals are good(don't put too many goals or the player may get frustrated).

Make two attacks, the first one can move faster but do less damage, the second one can go longer, and if you know how to make a range weapon, get that guy a bow which is controlled by d or s. I like how you put 2 frames in for the attack.

Anyway, its a good game, and I want to see the full thing come out.
Good luck

well its drawn well

for one don't submit somthing like this that is so short cause although it's drawn well, it pisses many NGer's off. well aside from that let the commenting begin!!! It was drawn very well, i like how you make it so he's breathing. the attacks are good but there's only two so you need to definatly change that to at least 4 or 5, and add in some alternate keys to use to fight like "Z","X", and "C". i like how you added alittle video for when you die and you fall and hit the ground, very funny. but you should definatly add some enemies, like a standard punching one, shooting one, or flying one. you also need to add music for the backround and some sound for when he falls, punches, etc. well can't wait to see it dude :)

nice animation

i like the art style looks pretty cool, got me kinda interested in the main game :]


-Nice fluid movements.
-Character and level nice and drawn out.
-Attack system cool.
-The character just moves more when running, same motions.
-Only two attacks, though that may be okay.
To fix:
-Make the difference between running and walking more noticable.
-When character jumps, see if you can make his hair more realistic.
-Nice start. Would like to see finished product.


controls okay, and good design and animation. You've got some problems though: First, when you're jumping, and you reach the top of the height of your jump, it kindof clunks to a stop, like it hit something. Second, you can only jump once, but when you're falling off a cliff you can jump while in the air. Third, you could make him a little faster just in general. Maybe not for the jump, but everything else. I don't know, that's just my opinion.

Diin responds:

The jump seems pretty smooth to me...?

Thanks for the review. :)

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3.65 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2009
6:26 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop