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Airport Madness

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Click on the airplanes to bring up their control panel. Keep aircraft separated by timing the takeoff and taxi clearances that you give. Let arrivals fly

themselves to the runway, but don't hesitate to "pull them up" if you feel that there is not going to be quite enough space.

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Great game

exciting game. Don't want to be an air traffic controller though!




I really love this game, it's unique, fun, challenging, just all around great. I have to agree with the other reviews about the bugs and how to fix them.
I also would like to give some suggestions: different types of airplanes not only look different, but have specific features. Bigger planes with more passengers take off slower but slow down to taxi speed after landing farther down the runway (this is good because it gets them off the runway quicker) the more passengers, the more money earned for timely take offs.
Also, time spent between terminal departure and take off, or landing and arrival, decreases payout, but like in real life, planes get stuck on the runway for long periods of time and the player shouldn't loose the game or all the money earned for delays, just less score.
Finally, planes that are told to go around do not just disappear, they simply fly off the screen and then back in line for planes on approach. But some score is decreased for forcing a plane to abort landing.

When you make the sequel (which you WILL DAMN IT!!) keep i so the player only controls the plane taxi patterns. In real life, there are other ATC crew to handle air traffic and tarmac traffic, leave that to them and not the player, the players job is sorting take off and landing order.
I actually first played this game when it came out but I come back a lot. This time i realized i didn't write a review so here mine is. Now I am going to play it again. lol.
great game... there WILL be another.... no questions.. get on it.. NOW!

like it !

like it MUCH !

My whole reveiw:

-Good, addicting gameplay.
-Pretty good, fluid graphics.
-Pretty cool playing as the ATC.
-Hard to keep up with the spawn rate of the incoming and outgoing planes.
-Could never figure out how to upgrade.
-No save feature.
-After a few minutes, planes stopped clicking.
-If you taxi planes too close together, they go straight to the runway, no stopping.
-Planes waiting to depart spawn on top of each other. Not sure if this is a bug or not though.
-Spawn rate of Incoming/Outgoing planes.
-A feature that tells you how much longer until the next level.
-A way to upgrade the airport mid-level.
Overall: 9/10 5/5