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Jan 26, 2009 | 11:19 AM EST

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Author Comments

"Paid In Full"

This is an action movie I made. It is inspired by the Thing-Thing and Madness series'. I also apologize in advance for the large filesize.

Oh yeah, and I RESPOND TO ALL REVIEWS! So review please!

Cavern Ambience - Half-Life (Sony)
Castle Of The Gods (Part 1) - Vince DiCola
Cyclone - Gatling
Action! - ZENON

- Frenzy



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not what I was expecting.

But great choice in music! :) Is this your first flash?

Frenzy responds:

Actually, this is around my 60th ;)

Thanks for the review!

~ Z


Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's a work in progress...

Okay, I can see some progress here - you've moved on to proper animation techniques, as opposed to your more traditional work, such as the soundboard. I think that the drawing technique needs to come on a little - try getting yourself a tablet, for example, as a little drawing by hand never hurt anyone. You've just used line creating tools and circles, which isn't really the way forward, unless your name is LegendaryFrog :P

Working with the addition of things like faces on your circles, you might have a better chance of conveying a mood in the piece - writing "nightclub" at the top of a white screen is a serious cop-out, so come up with another scene showing him entering and the scene is set, ready for you to carry on with the piece.

All things considered, the file size was a little large - choose some audio with smaller file sizes, or find a free compressor online, that can do the job for you. Painting better backgrounds and improving your drawing techniques will see you coming on in leaps and bounds. Of course, a voice wouldn't hurt either, but perhaps that would be walking before you could run...

[Review Request Club]

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review, I know this isn't very good- but hey, I'm trying!

~ Z


Rated 3 / 5 stars


This was entertaining, the charachers could use some re-fining, and added detail like eyes and more facial features would be great, size of the "FILE" could be somewhat better, but i liked it

More character detail for starters

good start to a funny and entertaining toon


Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review!

~ Z


Rated 2 / 5 stars


Animation/Graphics - The first thing that I noticed was that yes the drawings weren't very good. :P I think that if you worked on some characters instead of some circles that the flash would have been much better. Let's forget about that for a little bit though and just talk about the animation itself. I think you could have gotten the circle characters to work if you worked on the environment of the flash a little bit. Making the background more detailed such as giving the place walls, ceiling, floors, background items, etc... Also being able to see a bullet hitting the guys would have made it just a tad bit better. All things that could be worked on.

Story/Content - Not very original. Looks like something a beginner would make in flash. You had the generic couple of kills and even the generic dance club thing that surprising a lot of flashes have. So perhaps a background story would be nice instead of just random killing and everything. I do like the menus though they are well presented. The introduction of the flash and the skip button was also very nice even though I didn't use the skip button so I assumed that it worked well.

Audio - You had good audio here with the music and the gun sound effects. The only room you would have for more audio or to improve the audio in the submission would to be adding more to the story to give yourself more opportunities.

Overall - The generic fighting scene. I think the two biggest things that need to improve is a story and some better graphics.

~ Review Request Club ~

Frenzy responds:

Okay, thanks for another nice long review Corky.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

*Buzz Killington sigh*

1. Don't ever use Half-Life music (track on the menu screen) in submissions again. Newgrounds has an audio portal for a reason..

2. Invest more time in making menus. There is too much white negative space...everywhere.

3. Take an art class.

4. Motion tweening circles with horribly drawn guns is not animating. Try watching some tutorials..

I can see an effort in this man, just trying to help direct you :)

Good luck!

Frenzy responds:

I don't use Flash, the best that I can do is this basically. What's with the 0 though?