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Frame by frame about a guy shaving

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Nice short

This was great for a quick laugh,the animation wasn't great but the message getting across did enough justice to give me a good laugh when the guy cut his throat with the razor cause i didn't see that coming,overall i liked this flash short and think you did a good job on it.


VERY funny, and strange

what's that sound from the gong show?

not even remotely funny.

So simple, so brilliant.

Under twenty seconds of animation, but it is filled with a simple punchline that nearly put me into hysterics. The animation itself wasn't bad, but some sounds or voices would have been beneficial to making the flash better. It was enjoyable despite its duration, but you exhibited the male gender extremely well in this flash. At least you proposed an idea about how to get out of an awkward situation, haha.

The frame by frame looked good, I could tell you put some effort into it. The ending really did catch me by suprise, I thought the man was going to cut himself the first time with the razor. Overall, the suprising punchline made the whole flash worthwhile. This was really entertaining, but I still see room for improvement. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Shaving Yourself to Suicide...GENIUS!!

Males know that feeling: When their spouse, girlfriend, hooker, random party girl etc tell them that their pregnant. It almost makes most want to kill themselves, in this case the guy actually does with nothing but a shaving razor.

This is a genius escape route for those chickens and makes a funny joke, but the flash that delivers it is just mediorcre at best. The animation is almost like a kindergardner drew it with crayon, there's no sound and it's kinda short. This would make a good short for shows like Robot Chicken with a lot of renditions, but for now this treasure isn't really worth the hunt.

$ $
2 Shaving 'Accidents' out of 5
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Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
8:22 PM EST
Comedy - Original