Obama's Inauguration

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FRONT PAGE!!!! You guys rock!

This is the first episode in my first political series called "It Would Have Been Funny If"

If you watched the inauguration on tuesday you should get a laugh out of this.

I Wanted to have it out sooner but with the new baby in the house animating time has been cut out a little.

Watch, enjoy, vote, and make sure you check out my other stuff as well.


NOTE: I have no political affiliation. I make fun of everyone. :)


^ Ha ^

well done

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Hahaha, big Obama fan myself & I ain't pissed.

It's movies like this that show you don't have to choose a side to make it funny!5/5
All of it was hilarious, first the attempts and then the talk about the hat...lol


that was great:p

Your okay

Look, i know people say "Dont make fun of the new president yet", but the world would be hell if nobody made political jokes. Besides, you werent "Making fun of" barak, you were just making a what if joke. Calm down people. Just because this guy made a joke about Barak Obama doesn't mean that he hates the guy or is making fun of him. Since it never really happened, its just a joke about if he had. Im sure this author never really wanted to make some kind of "Political Stand" here or sometihng. So please, calm down and look at the humor of the flash. Geezus' christ.

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dude that was hilarious

It started slow, but then it picked up. i really enjoyed it. the part about the rims was amazing! no, theryre not fucking spinning!

5/5 10/10

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Jan 25, 2009
5:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody

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