Obama's Inauguration

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FRONT PAGE!!!! You guys rock!

This is the first episode in my first political series called "It Would Have Been Funny If"

If you watched the inauguration on tuesday you should get a laugh out of this.

I Wanted to have it out sooner but with the new baby in the house animating time has been cut out a little.

Watch, enjoy, vote, and make sure you check out my other stuff as well.


NOTE: I have no political affiliation. I make fun of everyone. :)


Lol not make you die funyn but funny. Sad thing is if we don't get hit by nukes we will elect a president stupid enough to ACTUALLY DO THIS. might be in our generation who knows? at this rate it's the next president wait wait barrack Hussein OBAMA? :O oil thing from the 90s name o_o terroist dude who got shot in 2011 name :O TERRORIST wait you sure he's black?no birth certificate 2-3 years later he has one :D but he can print one becauses he's the president? or was it rigged. Didn;t mean to rant dont ban my reviews again please great video.

I kinda agree with Punster on this one. The humour was fun, but not really very interesting or satirical. Just silly. And the animation was pretty poor, which is a shame, compared to your newer stuff.


I wish he was as truthful in real life as he is in this video. As transparent as a brick wall. Video made me LMAO!!

You're great, Appsro

... And fuck you, Punster. This right here was the shit.

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Yes, yes it would be funny.

Animation wasn't all that but it made me laugh. Haven't seen others of this series, how comes? Really not getting the other reviews. Like the ironically named "punster" can't take the fact this was meant as a cheap laugh. Maybe he should go on some animation with cock jokes, seems more up his street. Oh and "Obamas a bitch"? Yeah right, lets get bush back in. He was good for a laugh. Chill the fuck out, geez.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
5:37 PM EST
Comedy - Parody

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