Megaman vs Airman

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[Jan 29,08] To help prevent everyone asking the same question, the name of the song used is "Air Man Ga Taosenai ". Happy hunting :D

[EDIT]Honestly, this was a great achievement. I've won Daily 2nd, Front Page AND earned a spot in the Megaman collection all at once. It truly made all this toil and effort worthwhile. I've even been getting more views on Devart. Life is truly good ^-^[EDIT OVER]

This could have been smaller, but Flash decided to bash itself in the head with the Retard Hammer and won't sync music properly. In short, the Video is 3MB bigger then it should be, but the sound is perfect (b>_o)b

Wow, this took around 2 months or so to finish. A long time I know, but I've been too occupied with everything shiny sitting around me that I didn't work as consistently on it as I'd hoped. Well, it's finished, so that's all I care about.

I'm so proud of how it's come out. For my first flash movie, I think it's pretty good. Of course, My opinion doesn't matter when it comes to voting. So vote fairly and don't give me any of that n00bish "I7 d1dnt h4ev SN0IC 1N IT" ratings. See ya!


Good job MAN!

That was really fun to watch! Ya got my 5!

I love it!

My god man, make some more, I beg. I enjoy this kind of crap, but it was well made, well balanced, nice music, and extremly great concept art

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Never happen.

As if anyone could ever be beaten by Airman, even once. You don't even have to move when fighting him, just press the button until he's dead.
...but I can't really say it's a BAD flash, considering I don't have the resources/know-how to even make one.
But seriously, I have more trouble with BUBBLEMAN, than I do with Airman.

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I CAN'T BEAT AIRMAN, nananana~~...

It's awesome for your first one!
Those fluent movements and those custom drawings made it perfect! XD
And that transition from 8-bit to 16-bit was also nice.

I kinda saw it coming that you would use Nyanyannya's "I can't beat Airman".

And lol at the end!
Overall: great for your first one!


Tip: The sound quality doesn't have to be over 100 kbps. 64 or 80 is okay.
It also sounds good enough.

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I think that was FANTASTIC!!

You did a good job of building to the non videogame footage and I think the slowness at first added to the fun of the movie. It was a good thing that you put the warning in about the slowness, as I was ABOUT ready to click ye ol X and hit "3".

I think with the amount of work you put in, you could have added just a BIT more character to the players when in "Manga-Mode" rather than just have them do DragonBall-esque clashes. It was funny the first time, but it's a bit overused around these parts.

I enjoyed the movie thoroughly!!!

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Jan 25, 2009
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