Megaman vs Airman

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[Jan 29,08] To help prevent everyone asking the same question, the name of the song used is "Air Man Ga Taosenai ". Happy hunting :D

[EDIT]Honestly, this was a great achievement. I've won Daily 2nd, Front Page AND earned a spot in the Megaman collection all at once. It truly made all this toil and effort worthwhile. I've even been getting more views on Devart. Life is truly good ^-^[EDIT OVER]

This could have been smaller, but Flash decided to bash itself in the head with the Retard Hammer and won't sync music properly. In short, the Video is 3MB bigger then it should be, but the sound is perfect (b>_o)b

Wow, this took around 2 months or so to finish. A long time I know, but I've been too occupied with everything shiny sitting around me that I didn't work as consistently on it as I'd hoped. Well, it's finished, so that's all I care about.

I'm so proud of how it's come out. For my first flash movie, I think it's pretty good. Of course, My opinion doesn't matter when it comes to voting. So vote fairly and don't give me any of that n00bish "I7 d1dnt h4ev SN0IC 1N IT" ratings. See ya!


wtf o_o

lol at the begging i was like wtf why the people is giving high scores to this thing until i saw the last battle lmao that was epic xD

Good job.

Don't listen to the last two idiots. They obviously wouldn't know a good flash even if it came up and bit them, then proceeded to rip their heads off. Awesome job. There's not enough sprite flashes on newgrounds anymore, and that's a bad thing.

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good movie i think sprite flashes are still awesome even though some douche bags on NG just blam them for no reason but dont worry about those assholes because they can only say SPRITE MOVIES ARE BAD and only say its because of the sprites themselves but youve got some fans so keep up the work

so so very crazy

u so crazyy your sheer crazyness cannot be match u sir r very very crazy

I couldn't have asked any more of this movie.

Great job all around, I was really antsy when you hadn't used *that song* for over at least a minute but thank goodness you finally came around to it. XD

It was really enjoyable to watch the change in sprite detail around the half-way mark, I thought it was pulled off really well and fit with the rest of the movie just fine.

Also, your sprite work was just great, and the ending was pretty funny, gave me a good chuckle. Anyhow, this was a fine job and makes me want to fight Airman again. He's certainly not difficult on normal mode now is he?

Regardless, good job with the whole film, it kept me and I'm sure a lot of other people interested throughout, so I'll give you a ten out of ten.

Good luck with your future movies, and good job with this spiffy piece of nostalgia. Peace out.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
4:35 PM EST