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Goat Runner

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Author Comments

This movie was made as a tribute to the Vad Flaaten twins "TT: 002 Runner I"
Their runner was in turn inspired by Mraw's "-SillyStopSkateMation-"
They made theirs taking pictures of every frame they drew. My camera isn't good enough to make that look good. So I scanned mine. It came out as a different style, but the concepts the same.

I've been making this the last 3 days in between finals. Good way to kill time when I'm not up for studying.

The drawing style is even different from the original.
I used pencil and pencil crayons instead of markers.
And my character has a full body. But this was inspired by a picture Tommy posted on CampNorth a while ago, staring a full body runner in a hat.
Hopefully some of you understand the reference at the end ;)

Sit back, enjoy the silly colors, and simple pleasure of the story.


Really nice

I'm just right now beginning a fan flash of the VF twins (although not TT: Runner). I really like this movie. Like many things I like, you've put your own new and original spin on something that was already awesome. The pictures are very smooth, and I, unlike the guy a few below, really like the dimensions of the flash. It fits this piece nicely. The music, although it may not be my favorite, does fit it as well, I think. I do the same thing you do, searching for ages to find the right song (unless it was designed around a particular one). Very nice flash. Good job :)

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Noodle responds:

I first found the twins because of Marcy's Skater V2.
So I followed his flashes a bit.
Then they started the TT series. They were both very entertaining. And I loved what they did with TT 002.
When they announced 003, I asked if could either be a part of it, or make an animation tributing theirs because I loved the concept.
They accepted me, because they wanted to have a guest author but weren't sure who to choose. So I lucked out.
Just a little history ;)

Glad you liked the demensions, I thought I kept it original :D

You tell a good story.

This was a fascinating piece. Your artistic talent amazes me, the colors were very vibrant. It looked almost as if you drew everything with crayon, it was quite amusing. It is very similar to the Twin Trash episode you were talking about. The music you chose for your movie fit together perfectly, you definately selected the right song. Overall, it was an interesting trip. Keep up the great work!

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Noodle responds:

I was actually kinda of unsure about the music. I spend LONG periods of time shifting through the art portal for every movie I make looking for one that fits. Glad you thought it did!

And I found I had to press really hard with the pencil crayon to make sure the shading I added was noticeable. And I was rather surprised myself to see they did just end up looking like wax crayons when scanned. In a good way though


good job

i like it~

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Noodle responds:


I love these movies

I've been tempted to try making one of these... You've inspired me almost enough to do it... almost... GAH!! :O

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Noodle responds:

I kind of cheated. Because I scanned my files, they came out white as could be.
Whereas the twins and Mraw took pictures, and had to do it frame by frame, I worked like 50 frames at a time.

I would draw out a section at a time what I wanted. Then for each keyframe I added I would subtract one picture at a time, starting from the end of that sequence. I would then use the reverse frames feature.
There. It automatically is set up to look like one guy was added each time with minimal amounts of erasing required!

Of course I had to have a mark on a seperate layer though so I knew where to drag the picture so it was centered each time.

Maybe the goat and the Boogely will meet on the running field some day!?

Cute flash

This was a cute flash but i found it entertaining, the "MUSIC" was really good it really made this flash even better, anyways nice work

Make the screenview abit larger

Cute animation better music


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Noodle responds:

Choosing music is difficult. I wish I could have found something maybe a little more suiting. But nothing had exactly the feel I was going for.

And, I was wondering about the screen view too. I didn't want the goat to be too big. Nor did I want more than just a handful of frames on screen at once.
I suppose I could have tinkered with it a bit more though.

Thanks for the helpful tips

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
2:48 PM EST