Stinkoman Rules!

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I still need help with it! Can you answer these questions?

1. How can I make a platform that takes me to the next level?

2. How can I make it so when I fall off the screen I start over?

If you have any answers, PM me, Bigboo2315. Thanks!

::::UPDATE, OMFG::::

OMG! You guys LIKE Stinkoman! I figured nobody had heard of him or Homestar Runner... I guess I was wrong! I read all your suggestions and I will take action as soon as I get answers to my questions. Bye people!

OH WAIT! If anyone wants the sprites, I ripped them from the game myself, just PM me and make the subject "stinkoman sprites" and i'll send them to you.

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Some suggestions...

...from a guy who has yet to develop a game. Stinkoman would need some tips:
-Set it so that when you drop, it's quicker and less floaty. And only have him flip when you press the button.
-Restart: Set a point at the bottom of the screen that, when passed, will set Stinkoman back to starting point.
-Attacks! Really awesome stuff!
All in all, glad to see a fan of Twenty-Exty-Six.

Did you use GameMaker 7.0 for this?

If so I can help.

MasterSwank responds:

i dont know how to put games from game maker on ng lol

if all else fails

if you can't figure out how to restart upon falling, you can always add a "restart" button that people can click to get back to frame one, but this should be a last resort,
regarding the game, it was really short but i know it was a demo so that won't be a problem,
as said before upon beginning i couldn't see the controls so make that more apparent
i had no idea whether i had finished or not i just assumed that the finish was where i was so make that more apparent too
and add variety and more linear-ness so people will have a reason too continue playing

:/ hmmm

consider giving HSR credit to the work your doing? and your awful silly thinking your the first to know about HSR lol.

MasterSwank responds:

no its..... i dont....... i......... uhhhhh............ I dont think im the first its just theres not a lot of HSR Stuff on ng..............


mayb u should position the first writing a bit lower so i no wat to do first time instead of mashing my keyboard...

MasterSwank responds:

lol k

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Jan 25, 2009
1:44 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other