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Dan Short 1: Homework

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This is my best work yet, but I really don't like it that much for some reason. The joke is dumb, the animation is short and not too good, and some of the voicework is...meh. Anyway, this is my latest project. I included 2.1 Easter Eggs (the 0.1 is for the Dan loop) for your enjoyment. This is a short I did to test out the animation with some characters from my series that I'm working on. This takes place before the series starts. Tell me what you think.
01/26/09 - Wow! Daily top 10! #7 FTW!

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you gotta love it

WWII its gotta be a typo the only thing some what close is nintendo is Japanese and in Wii bomb the hell out them twice.

good work

Aqlex responds:

Interesting interpretation of WWII and Wii there, definitely nothing that I thought of while I was writing it. Thanks for the review!

i agree

it is not as good as it could have been but still very very funny

Aqlex responds:

Sounds like I'm in a good place. Funny, with room to improve! That can't be too bad.

<3 Alex

LOL good imitation of young . nice flash too :P

Aqlex responds:

Thank Tim for that voiceacting right there! But for the Flash, you can thank me xD.


this was so awesome. it just stays funny after watching a lot of times.
keep up te good work.

Aqlex responds:

Haha does it really hold up with multiple viewings? That's good to hear!

lol so funny

i knew somthing weird was goin on when he said wii, cuz i'm like wtf somthing is wrong there.

Aqlex responds:

Happy to hear you liked it! Thanks for watching.