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The idea, i guess, came form lazyness. I had friction in my previous RPG, and it didint work out nicly. I also got people telling me my stickman animations for the char wasint great. The product of all came this, a no fricton (iced) no human RPG. The story, and the first animation (due to my crappy animation skills) arent what i want it to be. Also, this is ony the beggining of the story, and i will eventuall post the complete game in a couple of months. As for now, give me some crit about what i need to change, befoe i get too serious.

sorry, forgot preloader, the first 2 ppl are going to wait a while

Buffed up the speed a bit and fixed a bug or 2. thanx for the reviews so far guys!


The controls need work. With better graphics, sound and content this game would be much better.

I think this is a nice idea for a game, it feels like it will be nice to play with some improvement.
The controls are the main issue for me its hard to get to where you want to go.
That said that is some nice music choices you made they go well with your game idea.


It's ok, but it's filled with glitches and a little bad grammar. The movement felt kinda awkward, and you only made path, not places to block places where you can hit, making it much harder. For example, I could get past the first spring because I always hit a wall. THERE IS DEFINITELY POTENTIAL IN THIS GAME, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. I just think it needs a few improvements.

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Movement issues and empty space

The main issues I saw with this entry were that the movement felt akward and there was too much empty space, which made it hard to tell where I was supposed to be going.

The movement up and down inclines felt more like rolling up and down stairs, it had a very jerky feeling. The lack of ability to change direction in mid air was also a little annoying. This wouldn't be as big of an issue if it wasn't so hard to get moving on the ground. The ball seemed to accelerate rather slowly, which gave it a non-responsive feeling. This also gave it a very slow feeling, and fast paced jumping is half the fun of platform gaming.

Then we approach the amount of empty space in the level. This by itself is not that big of an issue, but combined with the movement issues led to a lack of desire to explore the vast emptiness. I would suggest that either the movement be made to be more fast paced, or the world made to be more compact or dense.

Overall, for a rough draft it's not bad. It needs some polishing, but you're on the right track.

Yambanshee responds:

thank you for your detailed response :)
I'll bump up the speed some, and on another day when i have more time look at compacting the area. Thanx for te detailed review :P
edit~ buffed up the speed. Yet to compact the stage, but that would be left for another day, as its going to affect the springs, and jumping.

A couple of problems i noticed...

There doesnt seem to be a link from the help page back to the main menu. Also the second bring doesnt seem to give the snowball any significant height. Nice try though.

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Yambanshee responds:

1) oops :s
2) by second, do you mean the one where the time bounes is?

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2.42 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
11:28 AM EST
Adventure - RPG