Soul fighters

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This game is my idea of how turn-based games should be.
This is the first version. I made it just to see if people like it. If they do, I'm planning to make a second part, with improved: sounds, music, animations, more characters, more combos, scores, secrets and online fights.
I am thinking about the possibility of leveling up and learning new combos by gaining experience.
First I have to know if you really like this style of turn-based fighting.

Taki's combo is High attack -> Low attack -> Medium attack.
Mitsurugi's combo is Medium attack x3

I hope you all enjoy the game.

PS: If you find a bug, please tell me with the most possible information and I'll fix it ASAP.

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i thought it's like a level up game.. :/ nice but i hate the take turns thingy..


DUDE THIS IS LIKE ONE OF THE BEST GAMES ON HERE ypu should really improve it and maybe add some more people soul calibur always has some speicial guests on there and the 2 player thing was great I dont really play fighting games that dont have 1 player and 2 player I rete this 10 AND UP please dont let me down

Pretty sweet.

I really enjoy strategy games, and this game was no exception. I like these turn-based fighting games, and the attack, counter-attack, and defense functions were very good additions. It remindds me of the old Final Fantasy and Battle Chess games I used to play. The only problem was that the CPU became very predictable as the fight continued. Nonetheless, it was still a very fun game. Keep up the great work!

I completely agree with TheRandomDot

I completely agree with TheRandomDot, although I didnt read his ENTIRE review, but he did save me a lot of typing. There's no strategy to the game, its a good concept and can be expanded on, but as of now it doesnt work as a full game. All I did was get up to the character and use attack button 3 times in a row until he died, it wasnt that much fun.

But I see where you were going with this, the rock scissor paper concept. If the general concept is expanded on it could be a great game. Keep it up :)

I think I might be able to help...

Great I dea you got there. Its the kinda idea I once made myself and pushed to the back of my mind.

But I've spotted some mechanical problems with the game, not really problems, but would make it much better and user easy.

I'll type it up on my profile, so you can see it there.

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2009
10:10 AM EST
Strategy - Other