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What happens in the end? What happens after we've lost everything we've lived for?

Alright....to all of my friends who have been waiting, I've finally finished this one!
Before you all watch this, I did not make it in Flash! So, there aren't any buttons or fancy preloaders or anything. I made this video entirely for my song. I loved the song so much I dedicated a video to it...:)
This video took me many months on and off, and what seems like a thousand times that the program shut down on me whilst making it.
I did get a bit lazy on making this, as you can see..I'm still not pleased with the finished product, but I just don't feel like doing it anymore, and I promised some folks I'd get it done by today, so it's about 1:15 now, and I'm tired, so, enjoy! I'll try to reply to all comments tomorrow. I love you all! Please don't be too hard on me! It's my first submission!

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I loved the tone

I really like this one, if only because of the philosophy that it preached. The animation was very nice, especially how the blue clouds were made. It really hits you hard when you realize the person in this movie died at the age of 21. The flashback scenes were very nice, and it seemed like something from an old painting. You have taught us that we should always appreciate the people who come into our loves, as we won't have them forever. Thank you for spreading this warm and important message.

Jessismith responds:

Thanks man. That means a lot to me. Yeah, it's sad to think about. It's too bad we only get one chance at life, but at least there's still good that come after life. Well, I didn't mean for those to be flashbacks but shots of the afterlife. I should have made that clear, but I was animating directly to the song, so I guess the meaning could only be interpreted through the lyrics. Thank you so much for the insightful comment. I wanted to say just that. You never know how much you truly need someone until they're gone...for sure.


very good, right up there with my favorit mucic vids.... but now where nere the there she is vid.... they where the best... anyway thanks dfor makin a vid worth wile, half the ones on this site arnt worth a second so thanks

Jessismith responds:

No problem. Thank you so much for commenting. :)


Aye boyo, it ain't irish, but it rocks, change nuthin, its good as is. Well done, you should be proud of yourself.

Jessismith responds:

Aye, to everything you just said. :) Thank you.

Good job

This is very emotional and you have great talent. You should try and go back and work on the animation. This is a great idea but it looked a little rushed. Keep at it and great job...........it almost made me cry.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! :) One day I'll go back and work on it again....I hope. :)

Good start

I think this toon deserves more reviews. Lol. So here's my contribution. Your animation is quite amaturish. But I can see where your heading with it, and you chose good shots, never repeating things. I would consider this more a storyboard.

Your song is awesome. Very epic, and very worthy of a vid. I can see you really poured a lot of effort into all of this. And for that you deserve top marks. Its also good to see toons like this on NG, that break away from the norm of cock jokes and violence. Props. =)

Jessismith responds:

Thank you! That means a lot coming from a good flash animator like yourself. :)
This one was my first full animation. Unfortunstely I rushed it a whole lot towards the end to meet my deadline. Yeah....it is sort of more like a storyboard. :P

Thanks again. I really appreciate it. :D

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Jan 25, 2009
1:13 AM EST
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