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A trip to Bavaria

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This game is mostly suited to girls, or people that love romance stories. It doesn't contain any sexual element at all! :)

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Ditto to what "TheRandomDot" said. And it did have some major plot-enmeshing that college level readers like the minority of us, RandomDom and myself included, like to go through. This,... is something that should be highlighted on "Here and Now" on NPR, if not a subject of a TED talk. Simply because of the fact that it shows where game design and story-crafting on Newgrounds should go, Maturing along with the i.q. of the fan base. Do you know how many kids in the current high school system know of Newgrounds? Far fewer than the early 2000's. That being said, I'm sure you could start a new movement/collection/category of gaming here that in time will be on par with Clock day or Pico.

Could you please make one like this for guys? Straight guys, to be precise.

The problem...

There's a reason people don't serve caviar at a backyard, beer-n-burgers BBQ. It's because everyone will say the caviar "sucks". Newgrounds is a beer-n-burgers BBQ. That's why you have a lot of folks saying "it sucks", because they're used to just clicking on some buttons and being rewarded with hentai pics, like rats in a maze. This type of flash is very good, but won't cater to the majority crowd here. I'm reminded of when I was a young kid and went to see Out of Africa with my parents. I thought it sucked. No action. A bunch of talking. Blah, blah. Later, as I was older and action, boobs, etc become boring and run-of-the-mill, I see Out of Africa and realize it's a very good piece of work. Your work is exploring complex emotional relationships between friends (perhaps even potential lovers), which is not something the majority of the NG cares about. They're interested in "the goods". Like others have said, if you posted this on more girl-oriented sites, it would probably be a big hit. Personally, I found it to be very mature. A young girl is faced with a lot of crappy decisions, from pissing off her best friend, to living with an uncle and his mistress that are demeaning jerks, etc. Sometimes in life, it's not a matter of picking the "best" option, but rather the least crappiest. Your game really focused on that, and there was no clear "right" or "wrong" way to play it. It was all about what goals you felt the main character should strive for. Is her future more important or her friendship? Very touching and very emotional. When some folks on NG who are bagging on it get older, maybe they'll come across this again later, when they can appreciate it, and realize it's actually pretty mature and interesting. Two thumbs up.

jack1974 responds:

Thanks, your comment made my day 8-)

lol ok....

too much reading involved for my liking :) bt good artwork :)

Good for it's type.

Nice plot, all things considered . Unfortunately, very few people appeal to these type of games that lack action without any "ecchi factor", just like how clean dress up games appeal to young girls, but you won't see any teenagers playing them, especially guys. A good game for it's type, but I found it a little boring. Maybe if you can work on your writing (which is great btw), then you could make this more interesting.

Just a note, hentai is allowed on newgrounds, look below the search bar at the top of the screen and you'll see a "Mature" link.

jack1974 responds:

Thanks, didn't know hentai was allowed. Will consider it for the future ^_^