sonic: metal rampage ep4

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episode 4: the infiltration.
its finaly here! this episode is about when our heroes infiltrate the death egg that is now controlled by METALSONIC, but they run into a tough guard robot and so is that the fight begins!



The fighting was pretty well done. Definitely planned out and not sloppy at all. However, it was pretty short, and there wasn't too much development at all. Be sure that you have a goal that is somewhat hard to reach in almost every episode.

However, negatives aside, the animation was good and you can tell that you checked your work for small mistake details (not in grammer, though =P. Oh well, at least your not saying "PWND!" or "n00b")

All in all, a good job.


i was ok

the fighting was good but grammer and length of the movie was not great. if it was at least 2 times longer it would be better, and try better music. i hope to see the next one soon.

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nicogear responds:

yes, it could have been better, but it took me a lot, and about the grammar, sorry, it's because i live in argentina, but some bad grammar is sometimes good, it gives some kind of style or something.

awesome i love your work

your animation was amazing i loved the sound affects and how you made the slow motion well done and you'll be happy to hear i love (i mean i think there cool and i prefer them) sonic fans im a sonic fan to just so you know

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How do I keep finding your flashes?

This is your best one yet. The action scene was. . . great. I was surprised of how good it was. The animation seems to be smoother as well, so yay. There were some flaws in it as well, such as when Tails and Knuckles stand still they seem to have little spots on their sprite. Also, the main thing, you need to watch the grammer. Its not that bad, but it needs work. Well, glad to see you're getting better.

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The story is good. The sprites are good looking but I dunno... something is off. The audio balance is too out of wack and the the constant clicking to advance the story really got on my nerves. I dunno. Meh.

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Jan 23, 2009
8:26 PM EST