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Huge Misshapen Sausage

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A Brave Sausage...Begins its Adventures! Weeeee!
Based on a song by Andrew Pants.

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that is hilarious XD

Le gasp

You've been holding out on me.
Sorry it took me so long to review this one.

It was rather good, the animation was fluent, I liked the drawings, however the song....ugh. But I'm very picky with music so don't mind me.
I like how sudden all of your videos end, sort've like a Family Guy ending.

You're getting better, it's obvious.
Until next time,
-GG2 (Same as always)

NapalmGirl responds:

Thank you I'm glad you liked it. :D

Lulzmarket. :D

This reminds me of tripping slightly. :D
To be honest, that sausage looks like it's going to kill me.. xD

NapalmGirl responds:

Lol ya seeing that sausage in a bad trip wouldn't be a good thing hee hee. Thanks again for the score. :)


me gusto, te acuyerdas de mi

NapalmGirl responds:

Gracias. Claro que si me acuerdo de ti. Me alegro que sigues haciendo flash. :3


:P pretty sweet!!! and pretty short :/ increible!!! fantastico!!! very very good! but you need work a little moar in this, you need make a longer animation :P that can be MUCH BETTER :P i give you 9 because was a great design and was with a high frame rate... i think was with a high frame rate but anyway, great job! make another but longer :D

NapalmGirl responds:

Thank you. :) Yes it was indeed short as it was based on a short song. The frame rate I suppose is high - 40fps - which is standard for me as I tend to use that frame rate often.

As for the design I wanted to add a bit of detail I also wanted use a dragon of some sort- as I like teh dragonses. :D Glad you liked it.

Not entirely sure if I'll make a longer one specifically pertaining to this song but I'll definitely have to try the scary monster thing at some point again. Thank you for the nice review. :)