The Maze Of Darkness

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Hi guys. This is my first real game, and I've worked hard on it. I'm very proud of the result. Travel through the maze of darkness guided by only your flash light and your gut. Reach the exit before your battery runs out or else you are lost eternally in darkness. I hope you like it.
Programming and Design - magicjames92
Art - Hedge
Music - DnAmusic - loucust
Sponsor - Hidden Ninja Games


WASD to Move
Mouse to control Flashlight
Space To Pause

I reccomend you still read the instructions!!!

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if you can edit it while its still up ill send you a few more tracks so its not as repetative


my time. I didn't read your blurb before playing so as it went on and on I found myself saying, you gotta put this down and get to bed already, no just one more level -- then finally I made the exit. An addictive little game you got here -- espically with that repetive bass track -- its great. Create a random level generator and let the player play on to infinity or run a timed course is my only suggestions.

Its wonderful as is. Great work!


Needs a highscore list though
Don't feel like competing against myself for best time.


Great try for a first game, but I found the game itself to easy to be a game at all. I always found my self completely bored at how simple the mazes were, but I don't intend to be harsh. This was great for a first try and I was surprised. Don't get discourage, try making the mazes bigger and the game itself harder and surely this will be an awesome game to play!!!

not bad

19460. that was my final score on my first run. a highscore chart would be nice, but its not a big deal. this game was pretty cool , especialy for a first game. the only thing i have a problem with is that the game was too easy. a lot of the mazes were just stick too like the wall and go around. or it would be the obvious path to the goal. one of the levels i managed to beat without moving the light at all. i just figured it would be easy like the others. if you make it where the end is harder to get to or farther away than it would be more challenging and therfore more fun. the idea of actually running out of light power is kinda rediculous. mabey if the power drained much faster it would make up for the easy mazes. other than that though it was an excellent game. 4/5, 7/10

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4.29 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2009
4:45 PM EST
Adventure - Other