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I am trying to develop a new Flash game every month in 2009, building on the infrastructure of the old ones each month. This is the first. Control the cloud with the mouse and rain with the left mouse button. Release it to recover moisture. Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere and factories and people create it. Your score at the end of the game is the population of the planet. Enjoy!

Updated to make Easy mode a little harder and to fix a bug helpfully pointed out in a review.


I give it .032 out of .58

Not much to do, gets boring fast. Would be nice if like it got cold and your cloud slowed down but you got more rain or something. Maybe a progress thing to see how many people you got.

Not bad

Actually, more than just humans and factories give off CO2. Just about everything does. Including dying trees (I'm not sure if trees regularly give it off. Gotta check that). Humans (not including people who smoke), also give it off naturally, and so do all animals. Factories just give off a lot more. But people don't want to give up factories. They provide too much.

-Not a bad game. Simple, but cool.
-There's a serious lack of multiple things. Music, a goal, upgrades. Things like that. Try making it a level based game.
-Also, I didn't really notice that the trees were eliminating any kind of CO2.
-Hard mode was impossible. There were way to many people for ONE SMALL cloud to deal with. There should be something to make your cloud bigger or stronger. Or add more clouds.

Not bad, but not to good either. It's okay though. It's enough to earn a...

3 out of 5
from me.

nice game, but:

It would be nice if there are different levels,
And some uprades,
And not only to let it rain but also to heat up and cool down, or something.

Current Score
2.92 / 5.00 (+ 0.030)

(BTW: my englisch is not so good!, please say when i'm wrong)

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not the hardcore kind but not to kidish. New type of playing, graphics are sharp, intresting game over all. [^]
/ ' \

I like it!

I was afraid this would be a crazy environamentl rant-type thing, but it was in fact a good game :D
It was simple and kind of addicting. I could've gone on longer, but I ran out of time!
Only two problems: there was terrible lag, but that's my old computer's fault..and, did the tree's really remove CO2? I doidn't notice it.
Good game, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

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2.74 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2009
12:37 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight