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Flow is a music-based game, but very different from other music games like Dance Dance Revolution or Beatmania. Instead of relying solely on rhythm and beats, Flow takes advantage of more fluid styles of music, moving the player as the sounds ebb and swell.

To play Flow, simply keep your mouse pointer within the colored target area as it moves. The closer to the center (green) you are, the better. Also move the paddle at the bottom of the screen using either the arrow keys or A and D to catch the falling notes. This will temporarily expand the target area, making it easier to stay within.

Flow was my final student project at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), the Master of Arts program in video game development. I created it as a solo project during my last semester there.

Special thanks to:
The faculty and staff of FIEA for making my education there a blast and teaching me the ropes of game development.
Oliyamika (Yinka) Alade, Chase Ruppert, and Jonathan Vaughn, fellow FIEA students who helped me paper-prototype the Flow game concept.
ilp0, Jayson Litrio, and MazeDude, the artists who created the remixes featured in Flow.
Jun Ishikawa, Koji Kondo, and Bobby Prince, the composers of the original music on which the remixes are based.


Hard enough?

Game itself was inventive but really hard.

AubreyTheBard responds:

That's what I keep hearing. Suppose I should've at least made a mode where you don't have to catch the notes. Live and learn. Thanks for the review.


10 for the effort, 0 for the fun factor.

also, why doesn't missing a note effect the mussic at all


66532 on 3rd stage great ^^


It took waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to load & the wait was in no way worth it. The concept was cool but the execution was poor. The objective was really unclear at first (maybe add an instructions option in the menu?) and it was really confusing to play because you have to multitask; using two hands that move in completely different directions and paying attention to two different randomly appearing things. Keeping the cursor in the target is just too difficult becuse you can't really anticipate where its going, and having only three levels is nothing to write home about. Very original idea, just give it some more work first.

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Cool! but...

the loading... -.- way too slow. overall nice!

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2.59 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2009
12:05 PM EST