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Abnormality Episode -1-

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Jan 23, 2009 | 6:26 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 24, 2009

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Studio-nightbirds (maker,music composer, voice actor) Comment:

!/group.php?gid=102247176 494116

After the failure of the first one I tweaked it a little added in a few effects updated a few parts blar blar blar Its here. Once again I have uploaded it. Yes I have the risk of people hating me for re-uploading but It was done by a vote between Me and the writer. I also have snuck in a preview of my next flash soon to hit the portal in about 3 days (if not out now depending on when you watch this).

Jeremy Humberstone (writer, script writer, director, regular party man) Comment:

yes it has been a fun action packed couple of years, filled with laughs, sorrows and a whole lot of wasted nights. its been a fun trip and i hope you all enjoy ABNORMALITY i'm sure all of you will

Flash Features:
Running Time: 600 seconds
Meet the real characters
The History Of Abnormality
Lazer Collection 2.6 Preview

Visit my home site for the Music sheet of the main theme as well as an Audio Commentary (up shortly) and more to come



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good concept

I generally agree with silenthaze even though there was one thing I didn't agree with:

The opening credits (imho) seemed purposely done sketchy since they were supposed to repressent the drawn dreams of one of the characters (reason why you saw the crumpled-up paper flying at the start and end of the sequence); I really appreciated it (especially the music and the crumpled paper opening to show the title scene).

The slow motion sequences and, generally, all of the special effects (especially the sounds) were well done.

The artwork needs some refining. I understand that this would take too much time but, if you can manage, it would make this become an 8/10 for sure.

However, there were two lame things that ruined it for me:
1. Three teenagers just happened to take an explosive substance from an unguarded empty room in a science facility... hmmm...

2. Abnormville? Come on, that name just sucks.

Apart from these two things the story was was pretty immersive.

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studio-nightbird responds:

lol. Sadly I can't tell you anything about how the room was un guarded, It is part of the story.
Abnormville was Humbers Part. I guess it came from SmallVille since He is a fan of that show (not me).
Glad you liked the Sound Effects. Most was recored at my place and others where stolen :3

anyway thanks for the awesome review


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow,looks well!

This looks like a new movie about superhumans,like "Heroes". I liked that and i'm gonna wait for second episode.

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studio-nightbird responds:

the next episode is madly under construction xD I'm working hard as but don't expect it to be ready within the next month. I'm guessing (realisticly) about 3-ish months max. due to uni starting back up and stuff. but YES I am bring out more. unless I die. anyway thanks for the review ;)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nothing extraordinary, but has potential.

The theme of a group with mysterious powers is nothing uncommon in the field of animation, but after watching this one, I'd like to see more.

Animation : 3/5
The quality isn't awe-inspiring, and at times there are parts where I wonder if any effort was put in these segments(the art on the opening creds could seriously get some cleaning... have you checked out the guns and explosion tutorials? If you were going for a sketchy feel, then try looping different strokes on the same lines for a more engaging effect. Or how about an old movie filter so it looks like a documentary?) But the transition between shots and screens was very appropriate and smooth. Could use more work, but I'd say the animation was on the right track. But please clean up your lines.

Sounds & VA: 4/5
The songs are very well suited to the animation. Some stand out so much that they overpower the animation itself though. The opening song particularly impressed me. The VA did a pretty decent job, but for some strange reason everytime I hear Chris' voice I kept thinking "FALCON PUNCH!".

Story : 4/5
Nothing new, but the small flashes of brilliant story telling can be seen. I love how Ricky and Jeremy's conversation in the beginning about flying made it seem like it was an absurd thing for people to do, but it turns out that they only think its absurd for Ricky to do, since that's not what he does. Their nonchalance about their state amuses me. Looking forward to more.

Overall: 3.5/5
I'd say this is a start to something possibly very awesome. Clearly a diamond in the rough. Maybe a frontpage could get more comments and suggestions, and the next installment in the series could dramatically improve.

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studio-nightbird responds:

We take most comments into account . The next episode has been upped in the animation side. And We have a little bit of humor for episode 2. But episode 1 and 2 are the only episodes that aren't to serious. after that we get down and busy but due to some heavy twists planned I can't say much.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. and thanks for a very in depth review. We will take yours in account.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


WOW hope this makes front page it will be awesome when and if you make the rest of the episodes

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


This looks epic!! you need to carry this on!