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Abnormality Episode -1-

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Studio-nightbirds (maker,music composer, voice actor) Comment:

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After the failure of the first one I tweaked it a little added in a few effects updated a few parts blar blar blar Its here. Once again I have uploaded it. Yes I have the risk of people hating me for re-uploading but It was done by a vote between Me and the writer. I also have snuck in a preview of my next flash soon to hit the portal in about 3 days (if not out now depending on when you watch this).

Jeremy Humberstone (writer, script writer, director, regular party man) Comment:

yes it has been a fun action packed couple of years, filled with laughs, sorrows and a whole lot of wasted nights. its been a fun trip and i hope you all enjoy ABNORMALITY i'm sure all of you will

Flash Features:
Running Time: 600 seconds
Meet the real characters
The History Of Abnormality
Lazer Collection 2.6 Preview

Visit my home site for the Music sheet of the main theme as well as an Audio Commentary (up shortly) and more to come


2 thumbs up!

dude i'm beginning to like ur work!!...i remember the lazer stuff u did...u said ur gonna make another one right?..

...anyway...can't w8 4 ep 2 of this!!


Almost totally worth a 10. Grerat work the lot of you! The only thing I really would think would help is a hover stage on your buttons! People always forget them and I think that ruins it. Furthermore WOO AUSSIES!!!

Looking forward to giving you a 10 on the next episode!

well done

the sketchy drawing kind of ruined a couple of parts but im sure ull fix that. other than that i can see u put a lot of effort into this flash. im hoping the next will be just as good, if not better.

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studio-nightbird responds:

Yep i'm upping the drawings and animation on the second one ;)
thanks for the review


I am amazed over what you people can create with flash. More and more often i find flashes that look more like a real movie then just a amateur flash. Sure its far from perfect, but then again you have no budget to work with, and often in very small teams.

Anyway i liked this one very much. Animation especially effects just blew my mind. Well i will eagerly await the second one! :)

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very nice

the inttro of the movie was done pretty nicely, it was funny and drawn so-so. i like that you made the superpowers known at first cause it kinda just blew me away when the dude flew in the sky, i was like "OMG!!!". The recording was done well and i could hear the characters enough and the voices wer clear and loud. i liked the opening were it looked like it was drawn badly on purpose because that looked quite well done for how it was drawn. the flash kinda reminds me of heroes except of how they got their powers,but its still great!!! the ony thing that i didn't really like was the drawing...it looked like you put more effort into the details and effects of the animation instead of the main part of the animation like the faces and the bodies but i guess they were still okay. as for the abnormalville that's just wierd but i think it could be aloooot cornier. well good luck with the next one and try to have it up soon!!!

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4.06 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2009
6:26 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 24, 2009