Fat Dick Balls

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ha cha cha cha chaaaaa!!!

oh and khawnerL from newgrounds.com PO box 444 said "no way jose i aint no ho-ho, remove me from this flash because i'm too gooder than everyone to be in it fuck you dante" so i removed him even though he made the whole thing


It's like Metal Gear Funnies, only with Mario &...

...being unfunny. This was really badly made. You tried to make it like Metal Gear Funnies but failed badly. The preloader was really stupid with a Will Smith joke. Kinda of like the Will Smith joke used in the preloader for MGF. The opening for it was like MGF as well. Alot of the jokes were like MGF. One example, is when Mario is crapping. It had the same format as the scene in MGF. Another example was at the end of 2 parts when Toad saids "And that is the joke." That was extremely pathetic. I was shocked you actually didn't do the rest of the joke with the Wikipedia part. Some of the other jokes were overused and you guys were trying to make a joke out of that. Jokes like Shrooms being drugs, jumping over the flag pile, why the regular Mario game was weird, etc. Also, the part by PaperBat was really stupid because Obama & McCain jokes are old now. The only part I actually giggled to was Kyaztro's second part but it's not worth it to see it again cause I have to see the other parts. Overall, it's pathetic, stupid and shouldn't be watched. I was shocked that Mario fanboys didn't vote 5 alot on this. This would be something they would like but maybe this is for the best.

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Horsenwelles responds:

we diddnt because it wasnt a complete copy like your stuff

kawner did that, and he's uncoauthored lol


and this movie had mario in it

your not a fan boy

respect :D

i didnt make anything!

but cool though!

Horsenwelles responds:

it has mario

you gave me 10


meat spin




Jokes were ok. Some of them were a tad... un funny? But overall it was good.

Horsenwelles responds:

it had mario in it!!!!!


you saw through its demeanor and got right to the point


hello my names is lah

Horsenwelles responds:

hello my name is anything but mama luigi

LAHLZORS from south east asia

Not very good

At all. I read the author comments unlike some of the reviewers, and still none of them were actually good or funny in the way you tried to "percieve it". Not a very good satire of satires either. Not even decent parody parts for those parts you put in too. The majority of the animation was poorly done, and usually I'd forgive something like that for how funny it is, but none of it was. Also, reading the responses of the reviews, everyone makes it think it was a satire and so you sorta mixed it up with parodies to piss off those who saw it as such. But see, again it just wasn't good, or even decent enough to me to enjoy it as it is.

But it had mario in it so 10/10.

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Horsenwelles responds:


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3.88 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2009
9:15 PM EST
Comedy - Parody