Mage Tower

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Mage Tower is a puzzle game similar to Sokoban and Chip's Challenge. You're a young adventurer on a quest to stop an evil wizard's plan to take over the country. To reach your goal, you have to reach the highest floor of his tower. However, the tower is almost 50 floors high, and each floor contains a puzzle involving blocks, monsters, elements, etc...

Can you reach the highest floor of the tower and stop the wizard's evil plan?

Arrow keys to move.
R: Restart level (it's normal to get stuck sometimes, just retry the puzzle differently!)
N: Next Level
P: Previous Level
G: Go To Level

New Game to begin playing.
Load to go to last level you reached.

Your progress is saved in a cookie! Additionally there are passwords to go to a certain level.

Music and sound effects can be disabled with buttons on the top right after you started a new game.


If the controls seem sluggish, try to check the following: if you hold down an arrow key, your guy will keep walking, and stop immediatly if you release the key. If you tap arrow keys in short successions, then your guy will do one tile per tap you did. Even if you tap "up, up, right" really fast, then your guy will really go two tiles up and one tile right..

About this game being a rip-off of chip's challenge: The gameplay idea is based on CC indeed. However, every graphic tile is made from scratch, every level is made from scratch, even the theme is totally different, nothing is copied from CC except the idea. Unlike CC, in this game more types of blocks (ice and lava block), boss monsters (see halfway and at the end of the game), fishes that live only in water, multiple types of wall and floor images (e.g. the candlesticks), spider webs, and more are added. Unlike CC, switches can control individual walls instead of all walls together. Some unique levels (such as a minesweeper level) are included too.

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Looks just like Chip's Challenge!

Chip's Challenge is by far, my favorite game! And this is like an online game from that gerne which is AWESOME! Thanks for posting your work Aardwolf!

Man, that took a while

I enjoyed the game, even if it is or isn't a ripoff. Took me forever to beat. Great job!


There's a difference between being "similar" to Chip's Challenge... and BEING Chip's Challenge. This particular case is the latter, to the point that you pulled the same graphic style and game speed.

Maybe if you'd actually pulled in some original concepts this game would be worth a higher score.





Check out my song titled "Chip's Challenge" - haha.

complete sweetness

awesome through and through! Being oposite of everyone i like the fact that the art is done the way it is... bring back good old memories. I have not gotten that far yet but im sure at some point it will provide a good challenge. keep it up!

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3.72 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2009
7:31 PM EST
Adventure - Other