High Voltage Origins

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Only one man can stand against the opposing forces!
Pick your equipment and duke it out with Dark Stormers, and snatch victory!
Turn-based RPG fans will dig this.


This game needs better animation and graphics. There should be more attacks and upgrades.

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this was a pretty good game

Good, but flawed.

There is potential here, but there were some bugs that held it back.

1: The limited amount of attacks and similar enemies made strategizing pointless. I used basically the same method on every enemy.

2: My displayed attack and defense ratings were not the same on the main screen as they were during battle, so it's either displaying wrong, which is a problem, or it's not giving me the proper bonuses, which is a rather major problem.

3: When you have the one support attack, it displays how many points it costs to use, but when you unlock the two others, there is no indication of their cost. Also, I couldn't find anything that listed the cost and effectiveness of the regular attacks, so there was a lot of unnecessary trial and error.

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AlexFili responds:

I think the cost for support attacks is always listed... unless the default text size somehow cut it off, sorry if it did.

Not sure about the attack/defense thing, I'll look into that.

Sorry about the limited attacks, it was my first turn-based rpg in flash.
I'll try and make the attacks less random in future, and more like a traditional RPG.

good game but...

the animatons look pretty bad maby if you redo the animatons then re-realised it then it may get more positive recpshen but overall good game.

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AlexFili responds:

Yeah the animations are crappy, I can try and re-do them with flash vector graphics. In fact that's probably the best step. Thanks for the input.


It was a good game but it looked a bit crappy. work on the design and also maybe a few more moves.

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AlexFili responds:

Alright. Thanks for the tip. I'll do a re-vamp sometime soon hopefully.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2009
4:26 PM EST
Adventure - RPG