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The Nokkians I

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The game is a Vector Shooter, but everything gets harder when the screen begins to rotate, bounce, move...

Arrow keys to move.
SpaceBar to shoot.

You can mute the music/sfx using "M"
You can pause the game using "P"

Hope you all like it!


[Thanks NG for my first trophie.]

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I really did like the idea of this game! I do think it could have been done better. It was basically this one screen with the same enemies. You could have used more colors too. The good definitely outweighed the bad, though. I liked seeing how it would change. I got used to it pretty quickly.

Of course, that couldn't last forever. It does have good designs from where it stands. The name's pretty nice too. The music is fairly engaging. I guess the red color scheme works pretty well.

Fun, but confusing

My biggest complaint with this game is that there was no warning when the screen rotation was going to change, or which direction it was going to rotate in. This made it very difficult to figure out which buttons I should be pressing at any given time to move the direction I wanted to go, especially in the situations where the screen rotated multiple times.

Pretty fun

I would like it more if the screen didn't move honestly.

dont like it

bad colours, dont like the screen morphing and i think the music is better but i dont like it end of...


Thinning the screen out was alittle annoying, but I liked how the shots you fired would ricochet, allowing careful aim to take out quite a few enemies. The hit box for your ship was also alittle large..
All in all, a difficult but fun game.