Rauska Slug

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Game design, animation, illustration, script, marketing and programming AS2 flash.

Please credit Rob Wahl when sharing or hacking.

Contact me at rob.wahl.media@gmail.com

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This was an amazing game. The gameplay, graphics, and sound were all amazing. I hope you can make some more levels for the game.




this is baddass, why so short? you should continue it on and make it so you dont just have to hold down fire and run... maybe make some kinda of ammo system or something... ether way, great animation and great coding..

Rauska responds:

yeah, im planning to sort all that out... the reason its so short was cos of the size. I have tried to reanimate the sprites to png's, gifs and just plain vector. 3 mb's was the best i could get for one level. but thanks :3

love it

u'll get top grades based on this. Rely good start and a lot 2 build off! love the game incorporations like metal slug and roflmao at "sry the princess is in another castle" nice animation and a brilliant start. If u pan on continuing the metal slug feel make it a bit different so it stands out from all the other MS copies. Has a lot of potential and good luck! do look at the competition b4 u make anothr tho. try commando1 and 2, roboslug, waterslug and mercenaries 2 a cuple good 1s.

Rauska responds:

lol, thanks :D... which competition is this? couldnt find it :p

reminded me of good ol' metal slug

*sad face* this game has great potential, tis a shame you didnt put more into it.

side note: after doing a 2nd run through of the game, the enemy fire was glitched.
i.e. heli wouldnt drop bombs, guy with turret gun thingy wouldnt fire anything.
If youre gonna improve on this game id say you'd want to get that fixed :]

great game

Rauska responds:

thanks, yes I know about that glitch :/ I think I just have to make it reload when the user restarts...

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2009
1:09 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional