15 Seconds of Fame

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NOTE! READ BEFORE WATCHING: At the top is a navigation bar you can control the movie with. When FastForwarding or Rewinding, it instantly pauses the movie. Just click play to continue. I've never made one before, so just keep your mouse away from the top of the flash and you won't have to experience the fail.

This flash has been in the works for about two months now, and all I can say is that I guess it's almost worth the work. I've learned a lot from doing this movie, such as how to make better backgrounds than I used to.

I'm still considering revising this a little more, so a bit of advice on how to improve it would be appreciated.

Also, Jay's probably my favorite character.



xD Pure classic and great voice acting as far as flash goes!

great job

the animation was great and i thought that it was a humourous take on what some ppl actually obsess over
nice work


Very funny lol, I liked it a lot
There are only 2 things I can really object to. I woulda loved more sounds, like when he was falling down there stairs or a crash sound when Jay said he didn't know how to stop. And the other thing is the low hum that you can hear when they start talking, idk if you knew about that or have tried to fix it, but if you haven't, a new mic or a nicer mic may do the trick (if you haven't tried that already)
But keep up the good work! Amazing job

Metric-Inchworm responds:

Thanks. I really should upgrade my equipment. After all, I only use a $10 mic. If in the unlikely event that I do win that film contest, I'll probably use the winnings on better equipment.

Also, I can't say I'm much of a foley artist (sfx maker) but you're right on the sound effect lackingness. I'll be sure to fix that ASAP.


Not bad but the colour and movement was a bit aaahh
but still good

its ok

its a ok flash i mean the animation could use some work but hey its not a easy task doin lip syncing and having fluint moviemt i just got to say u should have a higher frame rate

Metric-Inchworm responds:

It runs at about 24 fps, so I don't think framerate's the problem. I just got lazy with some stuff.

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3.38 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
9:40 PM EST
Comedy - Original