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Kitty Kitty Hi Hi

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idk why i rate 5 stars i just always do it for all games i play


Ha ha, what a killer there. But certainly called for, that house sure has an infestation. I like the little customizations of the mice, like the one with the cheese hanging down in front of it ostensibly as motivation to get it to run, and the squeaky toy sound, oh, that's just cruel, to so lighten what happens when the cat gets to any of them, namely instant death. But cruel in a funny way. My kitty however, the time when she found a mouse, simply kept it quarantined until I came around, keeping it from escaping, she seemed to be saying "look at this interesting thing I found" and though she seemed to be fairly gentle with it, and I kept it in a plastic box with food, it died a day or 2 later. But not necessarily from injuries, it seemed to be a very young and very small mouse. I guess it's a rite of passage for a cat, to catch a mouse, even though she wasn't a killer, she was just a little too rough with something that was too fragile and probably in bad shape already. They say cats are bad at empathy but not that one, and she'd cuddle with 2 little rabbits we had too.


I don't care about that squeak noise when you bash a mouse I know everyone is complaining about it I can't help mahself to the music and I just pay attention to that cat the whole time =^w^= so funny you put a Narato mouse XD

I had an idea of another mice that can be in the game:
1.Sonic Mouse; Runs slightly faster than that Narato and Super Mouse, the fastest mouse alive!
2.Eagle mouse; Fly in the sky and put a jump mode so you can catch it mid-air!
3.DOGS! Make dogs in the game you have to avoid! This will be more challenging! :3

It's okay, you can make all those things in Kitty Kitty Hi Hi 2! :D