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Hey, been making this one off and on for a little while now. It's kinda a mix between SAW and BIOSHOCK. Unlike most of my flashes, this one is not meant to offend anyone, so sorry if it does for what ever reason.

Hope you like it.
The Millz

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This was really nice to watch. Awesome work!

Compress for a 10

This was an excellent flash. The story was plausible, the movements of the characters were nice as well, and the visuals were luscious! I have to say, the sheer scope of the visuals in this animation were great! I especially liked the designs for Maddex and the henchman guy, as well as the villain's look in the video announcements. I was also rather amused by the little skull symbols that appeared during the chase scene. Though it did make me wince slightly, the dolphin-powered entrance was interesting, and even though I like dolphins, I'm not petty enough to mark you down for something like THAT.
(Hint hint to other users...)

As always, your audio is in impeccable taste. I may be giving Christina Peck a look-see.

FInally, the humor at the end was in rather good taste, actually. If I had just been fleeing for my life from a giant eel, I might be in the mood to do a little incomprehensible yelling myself.

I took a star off for the dead space, but honestly, the de-facto quality of the flash was fine even with that little issue.

Good job!

(By the way, was the maddex character model the same one you used for the second guy in the "red room" flash?)

good but...

long time after he stops talking before it changes scenes and it looks like a game
you could make it a game

Well idk

It was ok i guess, but a few problems. first, how the heck did he get out of there at the end?? another is that u added some unneeded humor at a few serious parts. ANOTHER is that the matilda scene was WAY too short. and the LAST thing is that it looks like a game! Like someone filmed themselves playing something! And the weirdest part is that I think it would be a really fun game, too! but other than those, good flash.

TheMillz responds:

read the comments

Pretty Good

You should change the description of your movie to not be so negative.. most people arent going to give it a chance if you describe it as just salvaging something... it didnt feel that butchered to me.

TheMillz responds:

Good advice, thanks ;)

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4.61 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
8:08 PM EST