Slight Axis

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Well I have made alot of actionscript engines in the past, but I thnk this is a good foot to take a first step on. This is a game i thought up called Slight Axis. This is just a prototype, so I'm constantly looking for little tweaks and mistakes, also for tips of advice and objects you'd like to see in the game.

Up Key: Move Upward
Down Key: Move Downward


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Found a cheat...

Stay at the very bottom
And PLEASE, take the extra step and give the blocks some perspective

This game also has potential

If you apply your creativity into it.
Firstly, if you crash into the box, use unloadMovie() to destroy it, and it should slow you down. Reach the left side of the screen, you're dead.
Also , change the colours. They conflict and hurt my eyes 0.o


Nice. smooth animation, and good graphics. and a nice choice of music to go with it. but the overall idea of the game just sucked my ass......sorry.


Its an alright game and a good concept, but your physics do not match your graphics, if they are truly only thin lines, you should make the physics reflect that or if they are squares as the physics indicate you should change their graphics to cubes to indicate that, I can see from your comments that this is only a prototype, and its not a bad one, but make sure the area to dodge is only the foot of the obstacles, you know what I mean?

very cool

this is a pretty good script engine, i can see this becoming a very addicting game.
some suggestions for the actual game:
-make difficulties( easy, med, hard,)
-make the squares appear not so randomly (like a side scrolling version of
cube-field), because sometimes the squares block the whole line, and are impossible to dodge
-keep the health bar
)-polish up the game overall:
-make the ball's movement a little more smooth
-clean up the graphics

On the side, the ball is cool, but the squares are kinda plain. maybe change them up for like super mario-style bricks or something? or even better, do skins/themes and give the user the ability to change up the skins, and maybe you could make it so users could unlock skins after they break certain score limits? one more idea: (this one is kinda large, but idk, depending on your skill level in programming, you could do it) maybe you could make it so gamers could import/ make thier own skins?

hope i was helpful, good luck

Lexoz responds:

Thank you, you have very helpful constructive criticism. I have done better ideas. I added difficulties: too easy, easy, medium, hard, and insane. I added a wall detector that tells when the walls are coming, and also I changed the squares to actual walls. Tomorrow I am going to add a score counter, then I'll add a high score for people to beat and so on. =D

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2.40 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2009
7:20 PM EST
Skill - Avoid